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Pregnancy Test Kit Check One 2 Times Use

Pregnancy Test Kit Check One, 2 Times Use, Japan Pharmacy

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Detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine (pregnancy test)
Product Details
Check One is an accurate and reliable pregnancy test drug that can be used to determine pregnancy with the speed in just one minute by simply applying urine to a stick.
The stick body is slim and easy to hold, and can be inspected cleanly without urine splashing.
The sensitivity is 50 IU / L, and the test can be performed about one week after the expected date of menstruation.

It is important to detect the pregnancy early.
If you are pregnant, you are already in the fourth week of pregnancy by the expected date of your period, and from this time to the 15th week of pregnancy (4 months of pregnancy). The early stage is the critical time when various major organs such as the brain and heart of the fetus begin to form, when the fetus is most susceptible to external influences.
Therefore, you should know if you are pregnant as soon as possible, be careful about nutrition and use of medicines, and avoid drinking, smoking, rubella and other infectious diseases and radiation (radiography). It is important for healthy fetal development and maternal health.

How do you know if you are pregnant? (Principle of testing)
When pregnant, a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) begins to be produced and excreted in the urine. You can detect it. Check One is a pregnancy test kit that detects hCG in urine using a method called "gold sol particle immunoassay".
This test is a supplementary test to determine if you are pregnant, but not a definitive diagnosis of pregnancy.
What you must not do
Do not make a definitive diagnosis of pregnancy yourself from the test results.
If the result is positive, you may be pregnant, but it is not possible to determine whether it is normal or not, so please consult a doctor as soon as possible.
A definitive diagnosis of pregnancy means that a doctor comprehensively diagnoses the establishment of pregnancy based on the results of interviews and ultrasound tests.

Persons receiving fertility treatment should consult a physician before use.
If the menstruation does not start even if the result is negative, please retest or consult your doctor.
Usage / Dose
[Time when the test can be performed]
The test can be started about one week after the scheduled period.

[Urine used for testing]
Urine used for testing can be tested at any time of the day.
When using a paper cup, etc., use a dry and clean one and soak it in urine for 5 seconds so that the entire urine absorber is soaked.

[How to test]
Urine can be tested in the morning, afternoon and evening.
1. Remove the cap, hold the urine absorbent body facing down, and wet the entire urine absorbent body with urine for about 3 seconds.
2. After wetting, put the cap facing downward.
3. Place the judgment window on a flat surface and wait for about 1 minute.

[How to judge]
Make sure that a red-purple line appears in the end window of the check stick. Judgment is made by observing the presence of a magenta line that appears in the judgment window.

The colors and shapes of the lines that actually appear may differ from the examples.
[Positive (+)]
If a red-purple line appears in the judgment window, a pregnancy reaction was recognized. You may be pregnant. Get medical attention as soon as possible.
[Negative (-)]
If no red-purple line appeared in the judgment window, no pregnancy reaction was observed in this test. However, if your menstruation does not begin afterwards, you should recheck or consult your doctor.

Do not use urine that is very dirty or that contains foreign matter or blood.

Be careful not to make a mistake in the test period due to misunderstanding of the scheduled period.

Perform the operations correctly according to the prescribed procedures.

Please make judgments by observing the judgment window.
Please keep the following in mind when making the judgment.
1. Please do not judge before the magenta line appears on the end window.
2. Even if it is thin, it is positive if a red-purple line appears in the judgment window.
3. A horizontal line (parallel to the stick) may appear temporarily in the judgment window, but this is in the middle of the test in which red-purple reagent is flowing, and has nothing to do with the judgment.
The horizontal line gradually disappears as time goes on.
Positive lines appear in the decision window as vertical lines (perpendicular to the stick).
4. Depending on how urine is applied, it may take some time. If the red-purple line does not appear in the end window even 10 minutes after applying urine, an operation error (insufficient urine volume, etc.) may have occurred, so repeat the test with another check stick.

Besides pregnancy, the following may result in a positive result:
For menopause
For hCG-producing tumors (chorioepithelium, etc.)
When receiving gonadotropin, etc.
For severe diabetes, proteinuria, hematuria, etc.
Even when there is no scheduled period, the result may be negative in the following cases.
When the period of menstruation is irregular
When the number of days is incorrectly calculated due to the user's mistake
When the urinary hCG level is not sufficient in the early stage of pregnancy
In case of abnormal pregnancy (extrauterine Pregnancy, etc.)
Abnormal fetuses (death in the womb, miscarriage, etc.)
When a large amount of hCG is secreted due to hydatidiform mole, etc.
(In one check stick)
Colloidal gold-labeled anti-hCG-?o monoclonal antibody (mouse) 5 ?IL (dry)
Anti-hCG-? monoclonal antibody (mouse) 1 ?IL (dry)
Anti-mouse IgG Antibody (rabbit) 1 ?IL (dry matter)

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