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Q&P KOWA i PLUS 80 Tablets

Q&P KOWA i PLUS 80 Tablets Eye Strain Back Pain Nerve Numbness Treatment Relief

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Item Name
Brand Name
Q&P Kowa
Product Size
80 Tablets
asthenopia,muscle pain,joint pain,Stiff Shoulder Pain,Back Pain,frozen shoulder,Neuralgia,Nerves Pain,numbness or loss of sensation,edema/constipation
Product Details
Combined Kowa original seven active ingredients. Serious treatment for eye strain.

1. Relief of the following symptoms: Eyestrain, muscle pain/joint pain (stiff shoulder, low back pain, frozen shoulder, etc.), nerve pain, numbness in limbs, constipation

2. Beriberi ?gHowever, if symptoms in the above 1 and 2 do not improve after using for about one month, ask a doctor or pharmacist. ?h

3. Replenishment of vitamin B1 in the following cases: At the time of physical exhaustion or loss of physical strength during and after illness

1. Stop drug immediately if you experience the following symptoms or side effects and consult your doctor:

1. skin irritation, redness, rash, itching, nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort etc.

2. If you experience loose stools, diarrhea, or persistant or enhanced symptoms, stop drug immediately and consult your doctor.

3. If your condition does not improve after 1 month of consuming this drug, please bring this product information and consult with your doctor, pharmacist or registered seller.
asthenopia,muscle pain,joint pain,Stiff Shoulder Pain,Back Pain,frozen shoulder,Neuralgia,Nerves Pain,numbness or loss of sensation,edema/constipation
Usage / Dose
Be sure take the following amount by slowly dissolving without chewing and water.

Adult (over 15 years old): 2~3 tablets per dose, 2 times per day.

Children under 15 years old: Do not take.
1) If it is used on children, it should only be used under parental supervision. 2) The dosage and administration should be adhered to.
Precautions for storage and handling
1. Please keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

2. Keep out of children's reach.

3. Please do not put into other containers. (It may affect product quality or damage the product)

4. Do not use after expiry date.
Hepronicart,Benfotiamine,Fursultiamine,Magnesium and potassium L-aspartate,Gamma-Oryzanol,Cyanocobalamin,Calcium tocopherol succinate


Hydroxypropylcellulose,cellulose,crospovidone,Stearic acid Mg,hypromellose,white sugar,Ethyl acrylate / methyl methacrylate copolymer,Polyoxyethylene nonylphenyl ether,Polyoxyethylene polyoxy Propylene glycol,Talc,gum arabic,carbonic acid Ca,Gelatin,titanium oxide,carnauba wax

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