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Absolute Guide for Healing Hemorrhoids (Top Picks for Solving Piles Problems)

Hemorrhoids also known commonly as piles are caused by swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum area. These swollen veins are similar to varicose veins in the legs.

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Hemorrhoids can develop both externally around the skin of the anus and internally in the rectum. Hemorrhoids or piles are very common and 75% of adults will experience them from time to time. There are many causes of piles such as pushing too forcefully during a bowel movement but the exact cause is often uncertain.

Luckily for most people, the experience of piles is not severe and there are many options available to treat hemorrhoids and relieve the pain or symptoms. There are also several home remedies available for self-treatment and changes to daily lifestyle to prevent or improve the situation.


How do you know what type of piles do you have?

Internal Hemorrhoids are often:

  • Painless or little pain
  • Fresh blood dripping or squirting out of the anus during bowel movements
  • Warts or piles coming out from the anus

On the other hand, external Hemorrhoids are often:

  • Painful
  • Pain intensity increases when it swells to a large size

Both internal and external Hemorrhoids are formed by blood congestion due to pressure during bowel movements. They may become inflamed and cause pain.

In some cases, internal Hemorrhoids may progress into painful clots which cannot return naturally into the anus, may swell to a large size and cause severe pain. These are known as incarcerated haemorrhoids. Such incarcerated haemorrhoids require emergency treatment and must be treated at a hospital immediately.

Likewise, external haemorrhoids may form sudden thrombi or blood clots around the anus and cause severe pain. These external thrombosed haemorrhoids do not require immediate surgery but should also be treated in a hospital if it is very painful or if symptoms are experienced for a long time.


How can you treat yourself in case of an emergency piles situation?

These are only temporary measures for self-treatment until you can arrive safely at a hospital for professional medical care. Be sure to go to a hospital for professional medical care and do not rely on these following measures only as they are merely examples and recommendations.


How to relieve pain?

  1. Firstly, lie down with your legs slightly bent. Relax yourself so that your anus is not tense. Stay lying down for some time in the same position.
  2. Next, if the pain persists you may hold a warm wet towel against the affected area if you have swelling outside the anus or tearing pain during bowel movements. However, if the area around the anus is hot, swollen and you experience throbbing pain, you must go to a hospital as soon as possible for medical treatment.


How to deal with bleeding?

  1. Firstly, clean yourself and place some toilet paper in the area to keep it clean and absorb the blood.
  2. You may also take a warm bath to clean and soothe the area. You can also follow the above steps to relief pain if you pain occurs.
  3. However, if you find blackish blood in the stool, it could indicate bleeding in the colon and you should go to the hospital immediately.


How to relieve itching?

  1. Wipe thoroughly and cleanly after each bowel movement. You may also use anti-itch ointment or other suitable ointment for delicate areas to relief the itch. Do not wash too often or a long time with warm water.
  2. Ensure that you wear underwear made of cotton or other breathable fabrics so that your bottom does not feel stuffy and uncomfortable.


How do you care for and prevent haemorrhoids daily?

Properly caring for your rectum and anus plus developing good habits will help prevent piles from forming or getting worse.


Here are 7 easy tips for you to care for and prevent piles:

  1. Wipe your bottom well and gently: Ensure that no stool remains by pressing the toilet paper against your anus gently while wiping. If it is difficult to wipe cleanly due to the quality of the stool or person’s age, washing with warm water may be better. However, the skin of the anus is delicate, so strong water pressure or washing for too long time should be avoided as inflammation can occur.


  1. Soaking in a bath: A warm bath can be an effective way to prevent piles as it keeps the anus clean and relieves blood congestion.


  1. Do not sit on the toilet for more than 5 minutes (if possible): It is best to keep bowel movements between 3 to 5 minutes. Give up after 5 minutes if bowels do not move naturally. Long periods on the toilet and excessive pressure from pushing stools can lead to blood clots and bleeding, so do not force your bowel movements.

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  1. Prevent constipation and diarrhea: Hard stools caused by constipation can tear the anus while on the other hand diarrhea irritates the anus and may cause bacterial infection. Prevent constipation and diarrhea by ensuring that you have enough fiber, reduce alcohol intake, and take care of the food you consume.
  2. Morning routine is important: Give yourself sufficient time in the morning to wake your body, eat a good breakfast, relax and do not rush or stress yourself. A good morning routine and balanced diet will help a regular bowel movement.

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  1. Do not extreme diet: Ensure that you have a balanced, nutritional diet with plenty of good fiber. Extreme diets result in small stool volume due to restricted food intake. This results in constipation as the small stool amount causes difficulty for the body to trigger a bowel movement response.


  1. Have an active lifestyle: Staying seated or standing in the same position for a long period of time can cause blood congestion around the anus. Take breaks in the daily lifestyle to add in light exercise during the day and include moderate exercise in your daily activities for regular bowel movement.

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How can you effectively treat haemorrhoid conditions at home?


The most famous, effective, and reputable brand of home treatment of haemorrhoid symptoms is BORRAGINOL®

BORRAGINOL®is developed about 100 years ago by Amato Pharmaceutical which was established in Japan some 200 years ago. BORRAGINOL® was formulated and launched around 1921 as one of the first medicinal preparations to treat haemorrhoids in Japan.

Back then, there was no western medicine or suitable remedy available in Japan to treat these symptoms. BORRAGINOL® contains active ingredients from the essence of the lithosperm root which has the latin name of boraginaceae which is where the brand name derived its name.

BORRAGINOL®  has always been the household choice of many patients and customers because of its long trusted reputation and also the use of mostly herbal and natural ingredients that are carefully selected for their safety and effectiveness.

The following are the recommended BORRAGINOL®  products to use for different haemorrhoid symptoms:


  1. Ointment in prefilled disposable applicator: For piles inside and outside the anus.

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  1. Suppository (based on Merriam-Webster’s dictionary it is “a solid but readily meltable cone or cylinder of usually medicated material for insertion into a bodily passage or cavity (such as the rectum)”: Primarily for haemorrhoids inside the anus.

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  1. Ointment (from tubes): Primarily for haemorrhoids outside and around the anus.

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The above 3 types of BORRAGINOL® medicines contain 4 active ingredients to effectively relief pain, bleeding, swelling, and itching caused by piles and anal fissure.

  1. Oral granules: Contains 3 kinds of herbs to improve blood circulation, relief pain, bleeding, swelling, itching caused by piles and anal fissure.

 Goodsania Japan Oral Boraginol EP 16 packets, Herbs for Hemorrhoid Piles Relief Anal Fissure Pain Itch Swelling BleedingLive without hesitation and don't let your busy schedule make you feel unwell or stressed up. Get some help and relief easily from piles and discomfort by using BORRAGINOL®

Don't have to worry anymore about being uncomfortable or distressed about your hemorrhoids. Relief is easy and effective with BORRAGINOL®



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