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Best 3 Japanese Drugstore Beauty Skin Care Brands for Healing & Moisturizing Sensitive Troubled Skin.

Sensitive Skin When Touched? Suffering from Eczema, Itchy, Red Skin Discomfort? Isn't it difficult to find the right skincare products to moisturize and calm your uncomfortable skin?

Don't worry, Japanese pharmaceutical and beauty skin care companies have been researching and developing effective yet value for money products that will not only moisturize your skin, keep you looking youthful, calm your skin irritations, and also create a healthy skin barrier against further stimulation, so that you can enjoy your everyday happily and without agony of itch or discomfort.

What makes skin sensitive and uncomfortable?

There are various reasons which may be environmental such as dry weather, temperature differences, stress, PM2.5 pollutants, ultraviolet rays etc.

There are also genetic factors such as eczema, thinner skin or allergies.

So what are the 3 best Japanese drugstore beauty product brands available for healing and moisturizing your sensitive skin?


Arouge is a line of beauty skin care products especially researched and developed by top pharmaceutical company in Japan harnessing their expertise and know-how to achieve the best formulae for sensitive skin relief.

Goodsania Japan AROUGE Sensitive Dry Rough Skin Care Moisturizer Deep Hydrate Natural Ceramide
Goodsania Japan AROUGE Sensitive Skincare Itchy Red Rash Hives Eczema Dry Rough Deep Moist Hydration Moisturizer
Goodsania Japan AROUGE Sensitive Skin Care Dry Rough Moisturizer Deep Hydration Ceramide

Arouge saves your sensitive skin by providing natural ceramide that gives deep moisture and changes your skin barrier. Arouge repairs your damaged skin barrier function, restores your confidence and gives you joy to achieve beautiful bare skin.

The brand logo of Arouge is the nanomark which expresses how nanoparticles of natural ceramide permeate between stratum corneum cells. Arouge was launched in September 2001 with the mission to make a line of beauty products that can make the troubled skin experienced by many women healthy again. 

Arouge uses Natural Ceramide which has the properties of moisturizing skin and adjusting the stratum corneum barrier together with special Nano Moisture Technology that has "high permeability" that quickly melts and absorbs into the skin to fill it up with moisture. No surfactants or additives are used, so Arouge does not damage or irritate the skin. The hydrating action of Arouge is illustrated by the diagrams below.

Goodsania Japan AROUGE Sensitive Skin Natural Ceramide Deep Moisture Barrier
Goodsania Japan AROUGE Sensitive Skin Natural Ceramide Deep Moisture Barrier
Goodsania Japan AROUGE Sensitive Skin Natural Ceramide Deep Moisture Barrier

There is a wide range of products in the Arouge line to suit every sensitive skin needs from facial wash cleansers to whitening care, and anti-ageing moisturizersArouge is a hypoallergenic prescription for sensitive skin troubles made without additives.


Since 1976, KAO company which is the owner and developer of Curel brand skin care products for sensitive skin established a new research lab in Kao Institute of Research to study more about skin structure and skin care.
Through long and extensive research KAO discovered that dry sensitive skin was caused by the lack of ceramide. Hence, it is important to provide moisturizing skin care that protects and replenishes ceramide. KAO's proprietary ceramide formula was successfully developed in 1987 and Curel was launched in 1999 as Japan's First Skincare Solution for Sensitive Skin.

Goodsania Japan Curel Beauty Liquid Ceramide Moisture Care Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Essence Japan No.1 Brand for Sensitive Skin Care
Goodsania Japan Curel Moisture Care Moisture Gel-Lotion Ceramide Dry Rough, Japan No.1 Brand for Sensitive Skin Care

Sufficient Ceramide fills up areas between the skin cells and prevents moisture loss to keep the skin healthy, protects it from external irritation like air-conditioning, dry weather, UV rays, and other stressors.

Curel has an extensive range of products that are suitable for the needs of troubled sensitive skin and they are even suitable for babies, so the whole family can enjoy gentle skin care daily.

Goodsania Japan Curel Moisture Care Foaming Body Wash, Japan No.1 Brand for Sensitive Skin Care (Suitable for Infants/Baby)
Goodsania Japan Curel Moisture Care Moisturizing Cream Ceramide Dry Rough Skincare Eczema Itchy, Japan No.1 Brand for Sensitive Skin Care

You don't have to worry anymore about dry sensitive skin as Curel has got you covered! From regular moisturizers, whitening care, acne prone skin caremakeup cosmetics, and even anti-aging rangeCurel is available for your whole family and every life stage. Enjoy your everyday comfortably and happily with Curel.

3. Minon Amino Moist

Minon Amino Moist was especially developed for people who care for their skin while aiming to achieve beautiful bare skin. Minon Amino Moist is targeted at people with unstable, dry and sensitive skin.

This original formula focuses on amino acids to achieve moisturised, smooth, resilient, and radiant beautiful skin.

"Introducing the “gentleness + beauty formula” that has shine added into the moisture developed by MINON Amino Moist."
"For sensitive skin susceptible to external stimuli from which moisture easily escapes. First, it’s important to maintain the skin natural barrier functions. In addition to nine types of hydrating amino acid for supporting your skin barrier functions, amino acids that take care of troubles that are likely to occur in certain skin types are also combined. Bringing you an extra level of skin care in a hypoallergenic formulation for sensitive skin."

Minon Amino Moist helps to achieve advanced beauty through the care of sensitive skin. It is especially recommended for those who have sensitive skin that is easily affected by seasonal changes. You deserve to be treated well and skin deserves to be treated gentler. When your sensitive skin is soothed, you will feel more relaxed and happy. The key to youthful happy life is to take care of your skin.

Minon Amino Moist is also developed by a renowned Japanese pharmaceutical company "dedicated to the care of dry or sensitive skin, pursues the achievement of both healthy and beautiful skin." 3 ranges are available to suit different needs of sensitive skin and age range.

Minon Amino Moist Medicated Acne Care Series to calm and heal acne prone sensitive skin.

There is regular Minon Amino Moist for deep hydration of regular sensitive-type skin. This series includes a full range from facial wash cleanser to moisturizer and beauty face masks.

For those who have acne prone sensitive skin, you can try Minon Amino Medicated Acne Care series which not only moisturises your dry rough sensitive skin but also calms and heals acne troubled skin.

If you have mature skin and are concerned about anti-aging and wrinkles but your sensitive skin is too delicate for regular products, try Minon Amino Moist Aging Care series which is dense and concentrated to give your skin the extra moisturizing boost to keep it youthful and wrinkle-free but yet supports your sensitive skin to prevent discomfort.

Experience rejuvenated skin without worries of sensitivity and dryness.

With a wide variety of products for your selection, you will be sure to find the right item to suit your requirements and concerns. These trusted products are Made in Japan with quality and reputation guaranteed, so you and your family may use them safely and happily.



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