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Best Japan Drugstore Beauty Products In Japan for 13 Consecutive Years - Hada Labo Skincare

Hada Labo Premium Whitening Fair Skin Care Japan Drugstore Beauty Product Moisturiser Lotion Cream

Hada Labo is the healthy skin care brand developed by 

Rohto Pharmaceutical after much research and development into beautiful healthy and moisturized skin by carefully selecting only ingredients which are good for the skin and eliminating all waste. This range is an affordable Japan drugstore beauty skin care product series which contains effective ingredients at reasonable prices, so it is beloved by many around the world.

Hada Labo contains the power of hyaluronic acid which locks in up to 6 liters of moisture with only 1 gram. Moisture is essential for healthy beautiful skin and also keeps the skin youthful and prevents wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is an expensive ingredient which has excellent moisturizing power but is difficult to formulate and add into beauty products. However, Rohto Pharmaceutical's laboratory created the winning beauty skin care product containing high-grade hyaluronic acid in their Hada Labo lotion which is gentle on the skin and yet eco-friendly to the earth.

Hada Labo is packed with ingredients that are great for the skin and is the perfect partner for every skincare routine. Hada Labo feels luscious but not heavy and also blends smoothly into the skin. The aim for Hada Labo is for everyone to achieve healthy beautiful bare skin. 

Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Moist Light Hydrating Moisturizing Lotion Best Japan Drugstore Beauty Product

Hada Labo's concept of "Perfect Simple" of removing unnecessary elements not only limits to its skin care products but also to its packaging. Hada Labo is a pioneer in eco-friendly bottles and refill pouches which are resource-saving compared to other types of packaging. In addition, Hada Labo is gradually evolving to use plant-derived raw materials and more environmentally friendly packaging in future. Hada Labo considers both your skincare routine and also the earth for sustainable beauty in future generations. 

Hada Labo has different ranges to suit every skin care routine and target each age group or skin concerns.

Here are the Top 3 most popular Hada Labo beauty skin care products:

1. Best seller for 13 consecutive years is the GOKUJYUN range for deep moisturizing skin care. 

Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Solution SHA Hydrating Lotion Rich Moist Texture Soft Skin Care Japan Drugstore Beauty Products
GOKUJYUN range contains the moisture that your skin wants.  GOKUJYUN range is the world's first Lactic Acid fermented Hyaluronic Acid made by fermenting lactic acid bacteria used to produce Japanese sake wine with a long history and tradition of over 600 years. This unique hyaluronic acid has a high water retention capacity. This beauty skin care formula delivers hydration deep into the skin and retains moisture well.  GOKUJYUN range is formulated without coloring, no fragrances and is also alcohol-free, paraben-free and oil-free, so it is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.
2. Hada Labo's Shirogojyun Premium Whitening range is a top seller for 13 consecutive years in the whitening skin care routine category in Japan. 
Hada Labo Premium Whitening Japan Drugstore Beauty Skincare Products Moist Rich Hydrating Fair Skin
Shirogojyun Premium Whitening range is a beauty product that counters and prevents blemishes while clarifying skin for more beautiful fair skin. It contains 
4 moisturizing ingredients for plenty of moisture penetration into the skin and 
whitening active ingredient White Tranexamic Acid which  suppresses the initial stage of spot formation (production of inflammatory substances) and stops the occurrence of spots together with anti-inflammatory effects such as preventing burning and rough skin caused by ultraviolet rays. Added Vitamin C and Vitamin E further moisturizes and prevents dry skin or UV damage.
3. Hada Labo Gokujyun Alpha was developed to target mature skin and help prevent skin care problems as we age. 
Hada Labo Gokujyun α Lifting & Firming Emulsion Lotion Deep Moisturizing Antioxidant Anti-aging Skin Care
As we get older, we need more moisture, firmness and elasticity in our skin to prevent wrinkles and maintain a youthful beautiful look.  Hada Labo Gokujyun Alpha has 3 special ingredients to delivery plenty of moisture and supple elasticity to your skin. (1) 3D Hyaluronic Acid wraps around the skin and keeps moisture locked in. (2) Hydrolyzed Elastin delivers firmness and elasticity to the skin keeping it supple and bouncy. (3) Hydrolyzed Collagen penetrates deeply into the skin to support skin firmness for fresh beautiful skin.  Hada Labo Gokujyun Alpha is the perfect range for mature skin to keep skin looking fresh and beautiful. 
Enjoy the effects of high-quality beauty skin care ingredients formulated from decades of careful research and produced with your body and the earth in mind. 
Hada Labo continues to be the No.1 Japan Drugstore Beauty Skin Care Product within Japan and beyond as it is reasonably priced, filled with natural effective ingredients that are gentle on the skin, made without preservative, no parabens, no alcohol, no coloring and no fragrances which are suitable for those with sensitive skin. 
*information and graphics from Rohto Pharmaceuticals official website.