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Easy 5 Steps Affordable & Effective Japanese Beauty Routine

Japanese skincare products have been world renown to be easy, effective, natural, and gives you a beautiful radiant look without breaking the bank! Women and even men these days want to look fabulous, spend less money on skincare, spend less time, and get the best beauty results fast!

Japanese skincare products and simple Japanese skincare routine with highly affordable products that are filled with effective active ingredients will give you that radiant gorgeous look you desired, so you can glow and shine throughout your day looking fabulous!

What do you need to do? Easy peasy! Simple 5 steps to fabulous skin everyday!

1. Remove your makeup, always!

Many of us simply go to bed after a busy day or just forgot to remove makeup as it is a hassle. Or products are difficult to use and people just give up using them.

Don't worry! Japanese makeup removers are a god send! They are easy to use, cleanses off makeup residue cleanly, doesn't strip your skin of natural oils, and most of them are 1-step products which means you don't need to use more than 1 product to get great results!

Goodsania JUNMAI Makeup Removal Cleansing Gel 150g Japan Clear Skin Care Ceramid Moist Face WashFor example, Junmai Rice Bran Makeup Remover Cleansing Gel. It gives you exhilarating bare skin! This is a product that uses natural ingredient rice bran for moisturizing and cleansing.
Good quality rice bran extract (natural moisturizing ingredient) is born from good rice and abundant in Japan.
This product firmly removes makeup and sebum in the back of pores with a light touch. A refreshing cleansing gel for bare skin that can be removed cleanly and moisturized. Simply massage a small amount onto your face and gently rub off the makeup residue, then wash off! Easy peasy!

Goodsania Japan Junmai Rice Bran Extract Natural Moisturizing Ingredient Beauty Skincare

Junmai is a beauty series made from Natural Japanese 100% pure natural rice bran extract which is a moisturizing ingredient.

Coupled with natural Rokko spring water from Kobe this is a skin-friendly, fragrance-free, pigment-free, mineral oil-free, and weakly acidic beauty skincare series that uses traditional methods and formulas since the ancient times which benefited generations of Japanese.

2. Use a toner, always!

A great way to re-hydrate and add moisture back into your skin. Using toners help to boost your skin's natural glow, giving you a youthful look. Japanese toners are mostly called "lotions" but they are actually toners that you should use one step before regular lotions. Japanese toners (lotions) will help you to moisturize, smoothen, firm up, and brighten up your skin, making it look radiant.

The right way to apply toners is to put some onto your hand and gently pat it into your skin. It is unlike regular lotions which you will rub it into your skin with a circular motion.

One of the popular Japanese toners is Utena MAGIABOTANICA Botanical Lotion With Natural Hatomugi Pearl Barley Extract Skin Conditioner 500ml.

Goodsania Utena MAGIABOTANICA Botanical Lotion With Natural Hatomugi Pearl Barley Extract Skin Conditioner 500ml Japan Skin Care Toners & Astringents

Utena MAGIABOTANICA Botanical Lotion With Natural Hatomugi Pearl Barley Extract Skin Conditioner 500ml gives your skin plenty of hydration every day! It is a skin conditioner that conditions the skin with the moisture of botanical extracts.
Contains botanical extract, a beauty ingredient extracted from plants. With a slight herbal scent that calms the soul.

Utena MAGIABOTANICA Botanical Lotion With Natural Hatomugi Pearl Barley Extract Skin Conditioner 500ml contains Hatomugi extract + 6 kinds of herbal extracts (chamomilla recutita extract, Roman chamomile extract, St. John's wort extract, Centaurea cyanus extract, Calendula officinalis extract, Tilia cordata extract)

Fresh moisture penetrates into the stratum corneum which makes your skin fine and smooth. Utena MAGIABOTANICA Botanical Lotion With Natural Hatomugi Pearl Barley Extract Skin Conditioner 500ml prevents dryness, rough skin, and stickiness, and keeps the skin in good condition.

Utena MAGIABOTANICA Botanical Lotion With Natural Hatomugi Pearl Barley Extract Skin Conditioner 500ml is colorant-free, mineral oil-free, weakly acidic, patch-tested (not all people are irritated.), so it is suitable for people even with sensitive skin. In addition, there is plenty to use because it comes in a convenient large-capacity size, great value for money, affordable yet effective!

Another popular product is the new Lululun Lotion Moist. Lululun is one of the bestselling ranges in Japan.

Goodsania Japan LULULUN LOTION MOIST - 500ml , Japan Bestselling Beauty Face Mask Brand (Deep Hydration)Lululun Lotion Moist is formulated with beauty ingredients that approach the deep layers of the skin to maintain moisture from the inside.

Lululun Lotion Moist unleashes your skin's natural beauty and is a daily skincare series that is simple yet made of high quality ingredients.

3. Add a serum to your routine!

One essential part of the Japanese skincare regiment is the addition of serums into your beauty routine. Beauty essences, also known as serums, are filled with essential antioxidants, oils, and beauty ingredients that help to moisturize and maintain your beautiful skin. Japanese serums help to firm up and smoothen the skin while also boosting the skin's anti-aging properties.

The No.1 Japanese beauty skincare serum is fracora.

Goodsania fracora Whitening Placenta Extract Enrich Serum Solution 30ml Two-times Concentration Japan Clear Skin Care No.1 Beauty Essencefracora is a beauty essence which contains placenta, which is a highly skin rejuvenating and revitalizing ingredient, and fracora uses the highest quality that has cleared the raw material standards for quasi-drugs.

fracora is easy to use: just add this undiluted beauty essence immediately after washing your face. fracora aids your skin's natural revitalization and helps to boost anti-aging in your skin for a youthful look.

Goodsania fracora Whitening Placenta Extract Enrich Serum Solution 30ml Two-times Concentration Japan Clear Skin Care No.1 Beauty EssenceEven ladies who are in their 50s and nearly 60s manage to look youthful radiant and gorgeous with fracora serums. Hence, fracora is one of the best selling Japanese serums in the market which is highly effective yet very affordable.

Other than liquid serums, many sheet facial masks also contain serums. Facial sheet masks are also easy to use and apply onto the skin, so they are a simple, fast, and great addition to your daily skincare routine. Just apply sheet masks onto your face and wait for 15 minutes while your skin absorbs in all the goodness to moisturize, plump up, firm up, and boost up your skin.

Goodsania KOSE Clear Turn Super Rich Moisturizing Mask EX 40 Sheets, Anti-aging Super Moisturizing Japan Daily Skin Care Face PackAn example is KOSE Clear Turn Super Rich Moisturizing Mask EX 40 Sheets. It is an Anti-aging Super Moisturizing Japanese Daily Skin Care Face Pack sheet masks.

KOSE Clear Turn Super Rich Moisturizing Mask EX 40 Sheets is a highly moisturizing aging care (Anti-aging) mask with a rich milky serum that delivers premium moisture.

You save lots of time with this product because it is a multi-functional all-in-one type with 8 roles per sheet:
Toner + Convergence + Essence + Essence + Cream + Face Pack + Eye mask + Massage

Simply slap on a sheet, relax for a couple of minutes, your skin will be revitalized, refreshed, and radiant!

4. Moisturizer with SPF

Protect your skin from the harmful sun rays while moisturizing on the go! By protecting your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays, you can help your skin stay youthful. A good moisturizer with SPF will help to hold in your serum, protect your delicate skin while also providing required moisture barrier from the environment's dryness and pollutions.

Goodsania Japan Shiseido Delicate Sensitive Skin D PROGRAM ALLERBARRIER CREAM SPF30 PA+++ 35G

D-Program by Shiseido makes one of these such moisturizer with SPF which is formulated even for the most delicate sensitive skin.

"The delicate skin program, available in Japan and across Asia, includes gentle skincare and base makeup formulas for complexions that experience concerns due to environmental changes, stress, even the rhythms of daily life. The innovative technology of d program brings out the innate beauty of skin and leads to your desired beauty individually. All products are designed to be hypoallergenic, based on 50 years of Delicate skin research from Japan. d program helps women with delicate skin live confidently by helping to achieve desired beauty—even in the presence of aggravating external and internal factors."

The D-program Allerbarrier Cream protects your skin from fine dirt and UV light in the air with Allerbarrier technology. D-program Allerbarrier Cream can be used as a makeup base and is suitable for sensitive skin even for a baby. Keep your skin moisturized while giving SPF30 PA+++ protection.

5. Lastly, Lips!

Don't forget to keep your lips moisturized, soft, and smooth! Lip care treatments are just as important as facial treatments. Hydrate and soothe your lips throughout the various seasons to ensure you do not have rough, dry, or cracked lips. Good lip care products contain natural oils and ingredients that not only protect your lips from damage but also nourish them.

One great lip care product is by AROUGE. AROUGE products are formulated without surfactants or parabens and suitable for sensitive, dry, and unstable acne prone skin.

Goodsania AROUGE Total Moist Veil Lip Essence 8g Fresh Glossy Mouth Care Anti-wrinkle Protects Dry Dull Sensitive Lips

AROUGE Total Moist Veil Lip Essence 8g protects sensitive and dry lips with thin skin and no sebaceous glands by wrapping them in a moist veil (protective film). A lip essence that prevents rough lips and keeps your lips beautiful. To achieve glossy and plump lips!

AROUGE Total Moist Veil Lip Essence 8g  is a thick, gel-like beauty essence protects sensitive and dry lips with a moist veil. It also covers dullness and vertical wrinkles.
Care for sensitive skin with a double combination of ingredients that prevent rough skin (stearyl glycyrrhetinate, aminocaproic acid).


Proper skincare regimen daily will help you to maintain beautiful radiant skin that is youthful, firm, and desirable. Start and end your day with these easy 5 steps and you will be able to achieve gorgeous fabulous skin everyday!

Japanese skincare products are affordable, value-for-money, and most importantly effective that will show you great results in a short time! Join us to enjoy great Japanese skincare products no matter where you are all around the world!



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