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How to Relief Motion Sickness Effectively


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What causes Motion Sickness?Motion sickness or vertigo is the feeling of dizziness and discomfort caused by the irregular acceleration and deceleration of vehicles such as cars, buses, trains or ships.

It is a pathological reaction of the autonomic nervous system of the body caused by confusion of the brain that receives the information from the eyes and inner ear. This confusion causes dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Discomfort caused by mental factors such as the effects of smells, stress, and anxiety also contributes to motion sickness.

Some factors that cause motion sickness include:

  • Poor physical condition such as fatigue or insufficient sleep
  • Stagnant air in the vehicle
  • Unpleasant smells such as petrol scent
  • Uncomfortable temperature or humidity
  • Playing games or reading in the vehicle may also cause discomfort as the visual and inner ear information discrepancy occurs

Who is more likely to suffer from Motion Sickness?

Younger children around 2 years old and entering elementary school age to upper elementary school and junior high school students report the most motion sickness generally experienced. Although many adults also suffer from motion sickness, it is said to decrease generally with age as the brain gets accustomed to the shaking of the vehicles and does not cause motion sickness.

How can you prevent motion sickness?

There are some preventative measures you can take before traveling to reduce the possibility of motion sickness such as:

  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Eat food that is easy to digest
  • Take motion sickness medicine 30 min before boarding the vehicle
  • Sit in a place that has less vibration
  • Keep your head still
  • Look in the direction of travel
  • Relieve anxiety or stress by looking at the scenery, chatting, or listening to music
  • Wear loose clothing and avoid tight uncomfortable clothes

You may also be able to train yourself to relief some symptoms of motion sickness. You can practise some forward or backward rolls on a mat, try jumping on trampolines, riding on swings or going down slides to cultivate a sense of balance and experience shaking and speed to train your brain.

What should you eat to help relief motion sickness?

It is important to eat food that can be digested easily and not eat too much until you are stuffed full, so your stomach feels comfortable before your ride.

You may enjoy some candy, chocolate or chewing gum during your ride to help relief symptoms. These foods contains sugars which help to raise blood sugar levels and awaken the brain. The act of chewing also helps to prevent motion sickness. It is recommended to try a refreshing taste such as mint or citrus.

You may also like to enjoy some refreshing peppermint tea, ginger and honey drink, or herbal tea to help relief motion sickness. Peppermint tea is said to help reduce stomach discomfort and ginger can help to suppress nausea, so both these ingredients are great for motion sickness relief.

Top 3 Popular Products to Relief Motion Sickness Effectively

There are times when people suffer from motion sickness severely and it makes traveling difficult and uncomfortable. However, they cannot avoid traveling because of their jobs or daily lives.  There are the Top 3 medicines which are popular and effective to relief motion sickness. Make your everyday travel experience a comfortable and safe one with these Japanese motion sickness relief medicines!

1. Aneron

This is the most popular and most effective motion sickness medication from Japan. It is very efficient and works for persons over 15 years old and helps to relief symptoms such as motion sickness, dizziness, headaches etc. Aneron contains 5 active ingredients and works directly on the stomach with an excellent effect on nausea caused by motion sickness. Just take 1 capsule per day and it lasts a long time.

Goodsania Japan ANERON Coated Capsules 9 Capsules Japan Travel Motion Sickness Nausea Relief Seasickness Vertigo Headache Dizziness

2. Travelmin

Travelmin series is a medicine for motion sickness that is effective in preventing and reducing the symptoms of motion sickness.
Travelmin contains ingredients that are relatively less-drowsy and is also effective for hangovers after getting drunk.

Travelmin is also available in chew-drop type that is suitable for children and also convenient even for elderly who have difficulty swallowing. Travelmin Chew-Drop is easy-to-use as it is an individually packaged tablet. This drop type motion sickness medicine can be taken easily without water and helps effectively in the prevention and relief of motion sickness. 

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3. Travelop

Travelop is a medicine that combines d-chlorpheniramine maleate and scopolamine hydrobromide hydrate, which is effective for dizziness and nausea that are characteristic of seasickness.

Travelop is a drop type medicine that can be taken immediately without water as a precautionary measure before going out and when you feel sick.

It can be taken by children (over 5 years old) to adults and can be used by the whole family, making it ideal for fun trips. Travelop is available in fun soda flavour and fruity grape flavour which are both favourites amongst adults and children alike.

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