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HYTHIOL : Holistic Japanese Remedies for Your Skin Troubles Like Blemishes, Acne, Stains & Aged Dark Spots

Goodsania Hythiol C Whitea B Clear Premium Whitening L-cysteine Amino Acid Vitamin B C Skin Care Melanin Pigmentation

Are you suffering from skin troubles that leave you weary without solution? Dark spots which make the skin look dull and aged is a problem for many people. What are dark spots? This is a condition in the skin which appears partially brown due to excessive accumulation of black melanin in the skin.

Melanin naturally occurs in the skin to protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays. When exposed to UV light, melanocytes in the basal layer of the skin epidermis produces black melanin to form a barrier protection to prevent damage to the skin from UV rays. Black melanin is an important substance that is indispensable to prevent skin diseases and problems such as skin cancer.

In healthy skin, excess black melanin is produced daily and excreted from the body in a balanced cycle. However, excessive exposure to UV rays or disruption to the turnover cycle results in excessive accumulation of black melanin in the epidermis which causes spots and freckles.

There are many factors that causes different types of blemishes. Let us look at some general possibilities.

Time & Age Factors

Some may have followed through since childhood, some occurred during pregnancy, menopause, some blemishes are formed after inflammations from acne or insect bites, some spots may change in color and shape after age 20-30s or worsened after age 30s to 50s.

Blemish Color

The color of the blemish could also vary from light to dark brown, redness from inflammation or even darker. The color could also change over time from light to dark.

Location of Blemishes

The location of the blemishes can also vary. Some may appear as large spots with a thin contour on the left and right cheekbones. There could be small spots scattered across the nose. Or blemishes on areas exposed to UV rays such as the temples, cheeks, and back of the hands.

Other Factors

Sometimes spots and blemishes are due to other factors such as genetics like someone in the family also has freckles. Or hormonal disturbance due to menstruation or menopause.

So how can we lighten and improve the skin condition that is troubled by blemishes? While there is no easy way to remove blemishes, freckles and spots, with proper care, it is possible to prevent growth of spots and lighten them.

3 Ways to Help Reduce & Lighten Dark Spots

1. Suppress the production of melanin

UV rays are the primary cause of dark melanin production. To reduce and prevent spots, it is important to reduce the frequency and duration of exposure to UV rays.

2. Increase the turnover function

When the skin's turnover cycle is disrupted, it cannot excrete the excess black melanin and it remains in the skin for a long time leading to pigmentation. Hence, it is important to review our lifestyle habits to restore the skin's metabolic function to normal.

3. Suppress the oxidation of black melanin

Vitamin C is thought to be helpful to prevent the oxidation of black melanin to lighten and reduce the possibility of dark pigmentation as black melanin darkens as it oxidizes.

HYTHIOL (SS Pharmaceutical) was the first to start research on skin care from within on L-cysteine (amino acid) since the 1960s and succeeded in formulating it. In 1972, HYTHIOL-C was launched and since then HYTHIOL has been a trusted brand by people all over the world who have faced skin blemish problems.

So which HYTHIOL is suitable for you?


Goodsania Whitea Premium 40 Tablets Whitening Pigmentation Melanin Japan Beauty Supplement Vitamin B6 C

Effective against blemishes and hidden blemishes. This is an over the counter drug that relieves age spots and freckles. It is recommended for those who not only want to clear visible spots but also hidden blemishes, for those who want to take measures from early age spots, for those who are able to take dosage twice a day in the morning and evening.

This formula contains a large volume of active ingredients to help treat spots and blemishes. It contains 240mg L-cysteine, 50mg Vitamin B and 500mg Vitamin C. Each small pill is also finished with Pearl Gloss Coating which is lustrous and easy to consume.

"Hythiol Whitea Premium suppresses the excessive production of melanin, the cause of blemishes , and works to prevent it from being transferred to epidermal cells , making black melanin colorless . Furthermore, by normalizing the metabolism (turnover) of the skin and smoothly releasing the excess black melanin, it alleviates a wide range of blemishes, from dark blemishes to hidden blemishes."


Goodsania HYTHIOL C-PLUS 270 Tablets Japan Beauty Skincare Whitening Brightening

Improves blemishes and fatigue with the power of improved metabolism. Relieves spots, tiredness, and even hangovers. It is recommended for those who accept the ease of swallowing pills, those who wish to improve fatigue in addition to blemish issues and those who value large capacity sized products. Comes with Silky Smooth Coating which makes it easier to swallow and consume.

3 main points of Hythiol C Plus 2 :

  1. Normalizes the skin metabolism and works on dark spots in about 6 weeks.
  2. Encourages energy metabolism and improves fatigue
  3. Detoxifies the cause of hangovers with L-cysteine


Goodsania HYTHIOL C-WHITEA 120 Tablets, Japan Whitening Fair Skincare Beauty Supplement

This is a treatment for age spots and freckles. This is recommended for those who wish to eliminate stains and blemishes (please note that individual results may vary.). This product is suitable for those who wish to cure their blemish from inside the body and accept consuming pills twice a day.

3 main features of Hythiol C Whitea:

  1. Contains 240mg of L-cysteine, 500mg of Vitamin C, and largest amount of calcium pantothenate in Hythiol C series.
  2. Heal blemishes from within as L-cysteine is an amino acid with anti-oxidant properties. It suppresses melanin and normalizes skin turnover cycle.
  3. Continuous use leads to spots fading and effective results (vary for individuals).


Goodsania Hythiol B Clear 180 Tablets, Japan Acne Skin Care Beauty Health Supplement

This is suitable for those who have uneven skin texture caused by rough skin and acne. It is recommended for those with conspicuous pores, pimpled or rough skin due to irregular lifestyle and fatigue.

2 main featured of Hythiol B:

  1. Improves rough skin and leads to smooth skin as the amino acid L-cysteine normalizes the regeneration of skin cells, suppresses causes of clogged pores and contains Vitamin B & C which balances the skin and helps collagen production.
  2. Contains a combination of 6 types of Vitamin B which efficiently converts nutrients into energy and is effective against fatigue which tends to lead to rough skin.

With HYTHIOL series of skin care supplements, you'll be able to revitalize your skin for beautiful radiant look and be confident in your everyday!