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Pleasure Climax - Japanese Condoms - Your Life Game Changer

Japanese have always been in the forefront of innovation and revolution of intimacy is fully perfected with the development and technology of Japanese condoms.

As pioneers in the condom industry, Japanese condoms have not only met top international safety standards but have consistently gone beyond and above these standards for your safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

Japanese condoms are reputed to be safe, reliable, top quality, and ignite more pleasure when used appropriately.

Safety Tests for Your Benefit

Vigorous safety tests such as the bursting test where condoms are subject to air pressure and inflated until they burst to test how much force each condom can withstand, so as to ensure your safety during enjoyment.

Tensile test measures the strength of the condom to check how much force it can withstand and the amount of elongation before breakage. This ensures that long play is well endured by Japanese condoms.

Hanging water leak test detects any pinholes in the condoms and ensures security of the condoms during intimacy. Rolling water leak test checks if there are any pinholes or breakage under hand pressure.

In addition, a friction tolerance test is also done on the condoms where a piston motion is used to determine how much friction the condom can tolerate during actual usage.

The tip of the condoms are also tested, using the water expansion test, for strength to prevent bursting under pressure during use. The tip of the condom is filled with water and tested how much water pressure it can endure before bursting.

All these vigorous safety tests ensures that you and your partner can enjoy complete pleasure without worrying about safety issues when using Japanese condoms appropriately during intimacy.

No. 1 Best Seller - Thinnest Condom in the World - 0.01mm

Japanese condoms have achieved the thinnest possible condom for the best feel and comfort at only 0.01mm. So how thin is 0.01mm? It's hardly as thin as clingwrap!

As the condom is amazingly thin, you feel no constriction during play with your partner. 0.01mm Japanese condoms is wonderfully soft and natural, you can feel the warmth and sensation directly which bring you and your partner closer together.

0.01mm Japanese condoms is hardly noticeable as it is so soft and natural. More than 93% of men interviewed feel that they are enjoying with 0.01mm condoms as they practically feel nothing, as if they are not wearing any condoms. Almost 97% of women interviewed loved 0.01mm Japanese condoms as they feel natural and doesn't cause uncomfortable friction.

The top comment that couples gave about 0.01mm Japanese condoms is that they felt the true warmth from their partners with the extreme thinness and softness.

Different available sizes gave comfortable fit to each individual. There is L size for the larger guys out there so you feel comfortable and not bursting with tightness. There is also regular size for most of us to feel the best comfort. The thinness is also even and felt good throughout.

In addition, Japanese condoms do not have a bad smell and are easy to wear quickly during the heat of the moment.

Now you can enjoy the pleasure of Japanese condoms anywhere in the world, just with one click direct from Japan, right here on Goodsania.