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The Answer to Melasma - The Only Remedy for Chronic Skin Pigmentation Condition - Secret is Out!

Many people suffer from chronic skin pigmentation issues which may make them feel self-conscious or less confident. These darker coloration on the skin is called Melasma.

There are many ways to help yourself or friends and family with chronic skin condition Melasma. Let's see how we can effectively resolve the problems faced due to Melasma.

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What is Melasma?

Melasma loosely translated means "black spot" and is a common skin disorder. If you experience some light or dark brown, blackish or even blue-grey patches on your skin, you possibly have melasma. Melasma may also be known as chloasma.

Melasma can appear on your skin as freckle-like spots or flat patches. They can surface on your face, cheeks, upper lip, forehead and even on the forearms.

Melasma is sometimes called the "Mask of Pregnancy" because it frequently affects expectant pregnant women. Melasma can darken and lighten over time. It often improves in winter and worsens in the summer months.

Although melasma is harmless, the pigmentation may make some people feel self-conscious and less confident.

How common is Melasma?

Melasma is very common, especially among pregnant women, some 15-50% of women experience this skin disorder during pregnancy. It predominantly occurs during the female reproductive years and usually between 20-40 years old. While women are the majority of the population who get melasma, some 10% of men may also experience it.

What causes Melasma?

Your skin the largest organ of your body and is your body's barrier to the external world protecting your internal organs from the elements and more. The outer layer of the skin is the epidermis, the middle is the dermis, and the deepest layer is the subcutis.

Your epidermis contains cells called melanocytes. These cells store and produce a dark color pigmentation known as melanin. The melanocytes produce more melanin in response to light, heat, UV rays or by stimulation from hormones, and causes your skin to darken.

During pregnancy, women have increased levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones and these hormones are possibly the cause of melasma during pregnancy. The dark skin tone usually fades after pregnancy.

Is Melasma harmful and permanent?

Melasma is a chronic skin disorder which means that it is long-lasting and stays for more than 3 months. Some people may have melasma for a long period of time over many years or their whole lives. On the other hand, some people may only experience it for a short period for example during pregnancy.

Fortunately, melasma is not painful, itchy, or uncomfortable in anyway except that it may be aesthetically concerning for some people. Melasma is harmless and not cancerous. However, it is necessary to check with your dermatologist to confirm that your skin pigmentation is melasma and not other skin conditions which may be cancerous.

How can you deal with Melasma?

1. Healthy Diet

One way is to keep your skin healthy in general by having a healthy diet which is rich in Vitamin D which is good for your skin. Some foods which are great for your skin and gives it a Vitamin D boost include almonds, milk, oily fish, eggs, mushrooms, yogurt, and lean meat.

If you don't have time, you can also try Vitamin D supplements for example DHC Calcium + Concentrated Bioactive Protein which is made from cows' milk and contains good concentration of Vitamin D3.

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2. Blemish-free Pigment Clear Cream

The second way to reduce the pigmentation of melasma is to use Keshimin Blemish-free Pigment Clear Cream.

Keshimin Blemish-free Pigment Clear Cream is a newly formulated blemish-free cream that contains Virginia White which is a moisturizing ingredient. In addition, it contains anti-spot ingredient penetrating Vitamin C and is a concentrated replenishment that stays on the skin well. There is no fragrance or coloring, so it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Goodsania Japan Keshimin Cream f 30g (quasi-drug) Blemish-free Pigment Clear Japan Skin Care
Keshimin Blemish-free Pigment Clear Cream medicinal anti-spot cream has 3 major points to tackle melasma:

1. Vitamin C derivatives intensively penetrate into every corner of the melasma layer and suppress the production of melanin.
2. It is effective when used at bedtime when metabolism becomes active.
3. Contains vitamin E that promotes blood circulation.

3. The Only Oral Remedy for Melasma - TRANSINO

Transino II is the only oral remedy known to be effective for Melasma and shows improvement on stubborn spots and melasma. Improve your melasma in 8 weeks of continuous use of Transino II.

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Transino II will help to improve your melasma in 3 steps:

Goodsania Japan TRANSINO II 240 Tablets for 60 Days Improve Spots & Melasma (Tranexamic Acid, L-cysteine, Vitamin C & B) Japan Whitening Beauty Health Supplement

Based on research by Transino II , more than 70% of respondents answered that "Spots became less noticeable" or "Skin feels brighter now." after 8 continuous weeks of using Transino II .

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No more worries and stress about Melasma causing you to feel self-conscious as there are many ways to resolve it by reputable and effective products from Japan.

As melasma is a chronic skin condition which may follow through a long period or lifetime, please take care of your mental wellness and general health to ensure that you can continue to enjoy a high quality of life everyday and these suggested products can help you to ease your mind and achieve peace with the melasma condition.



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