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Top 3 Japan Health Supplements & Herbal Remedies to Fight Fatigue & Boost Energy

In the modern society, we are exposed to many stressors daily. These stressors could be work-related, raising a family, due to the environment, lifestyle choices and habits. These cause a wide variety of fatigue or tiredness that affects your whole body or different parts of the body. You might feel fatigue in your eyes, stiff shoulders, hips, back, knees, in addition to age-related feeling of weakness or tiredness.

 Goodsania Japan Combat Fatigue Energy Boost Revitalize Rejuvenate Vitamins Health Supplement Herbal Remedy

Many people just think that feeling tired or fatigued daily is normal and should just carry on with life. However, although feeling tired might not mean that you are sick, you shouldn’t just leave this feeling alone.

Let’s understand the causes of different types of fatigue and how we can effectively combat this feeling of tiredness or weakness for more vitality and a rejuvenated life.

Body Fatigue

Fatigue differs from person-to-person and results from various causes. So what does it mean to feel “tired”? In general, being tired refers to the condition which the body’s function is temporarily impaired due to physical or mental strain.

Sometimes just rest or a good night’s sleep would be able to refresh your body and relief its tiredness. However, many people feel that they “can’t even rest even though they need to rest” or they “can’t sleep well because of anxiety”. If these feelings build up over time, the physical and mental burden on the body increases and you might even collapse one day.

In other words, the feeling of fatigue or tiredness is an alarm issued by your body to tell you that it is time for you to take note and prevent physical and mental exhaustion so that you will not fall sick.

What causes fatigue?

In the past, it was said that the cause of physical fatigue was the “accumulation of lactic acids”. However, recent discoveries have clarified that lactic acid is not the cause of fatigue but the result of fatigue.

So what is the real cause of fatigue?

Recent studies found that when the body is tired, a protein called the Fatigue Factor (FF) increases in the body’s tissues and blood throughout the body and FF is the causative agent of fatigue.

If you stay up all night for work or entertainment, exercise too vigorously and strain yourself, active oxygen is generated, damaging cells and producing waste products.

It is believed that these waste products promotes the generation of Fatigue Factor (FF) and these FF sends signals to the brain which makes us feel tired.

So how does the body react to fatigue?

On the other hand, another protein called the Fatigue Recovery Factor (FR) also exists and works to counteract the FF and repair cells damaged by fatigue. FR is activated in response to an increase in FF. Fatigue Recovery (FR) is believed to increase more efficiently with light exercise and adequate rest to effectively combat Fatigue Factor (FF). So, taking a break is one way to combat fatigue.

Goodsania Japan Q&P KOWA GOLD Alpha 90 Tablets Herbal Medicine Remedy Boost Energy Ginseng Garlic Fight Fatigue Weakness

But it’s not working?

Modern people can’t rest even if they want to! Today’s society is very stressful and the fatigue experienced today tends to accumulate to the next day and the day after continually without being able to get rid of it.

Compared to even just a decade ago, lifestyles have changed very much and poor habits such as lack of sleep and irregular diets have made the modern people more fatigued than before.

If you accumulate tiredness and do not rest enough to recover from your fatigue, you won’t be able to reset your fatigue. Over time, your body will become overwhelmed and the function of the whole body will be deteriorated. You will gradually and continually feel more and more tired.

In addition, irregular and poor diets with imbalanced nutrition causes the body to have insufficient energy. Your physical strength will be weakened, fatigue will be mounting and further leads to loss of appetite and energy shortage throughout the day. These conditions are likely to be exacerbated by the combination of mental fatigue.

As the more physically and mentally tired you become, the harder it is to recover from this fatigue. It is hence important to deal with this tiredness and change the mood to improve mental health too.

Goodsania Japan Q&P KOWA GOLD Alpha 90 Tablets Herbal Medicine Remedy Boost Energy Ginseng Garlic Fight Fatigue Weakness

Fatigue in society is increasing!

In a survey done in Japan between 2005 to 2012, it was discovered that the percentage of people who felt “severe fatigue” increased from some 67.5% to 75.9% over the years. This shows that fatigue in people is worsening in modern times and people are finding it hard to recover from fatigue.

In modern society, we are always urged to do our best, face personal and external pressures to constantly perform well. However, it is dangerous to you and your body if you continually ignore your fatigue and press on because you might collapse from overwork. By ignoring your body’s fatigue, you are slowly bankrupting your body and may lead to serious illness.

 Goodsania Japan Combat Fatigue Tiredness Weakness Energy Boost Herbal Remedy Health Supplement

So what can you do to combat your fatigue?

In addition to taking a break, changing the scenery by going on a holiday, enjoying a spa day or doing light exercise daily. It is essential to consume good nutrition and necessary herbs to balance and heal your body.

Here are our Top 3 Picks from Japan to help you combat fatigue

 Goodsania Japan Q&P KOWA GOLD Alpha 160 Tablets Ginseng Fight Fatigue Body Weakness Tired Herbal Medicine Remedy

1. For people who feel unmotivated, lack of energy, too tired to wake up in the mornings and fatigue in their whole body, they should try Q&P Kowa GOLD a This is one the top ranges and bestselling herbal remedies in Japan for combating fatigue as it is a combination of herbal remedy and vitamins.

Goodsania Japan Q&P KOWA GOLD Alpha 160 Tablets Ginseng Fight Fatigue Body Weakness Tired Herbal Medicine Remedy

Q&P Kowa GOLD a PREMIUM contains largest number of herbal extracts in the Q&P Kowa Gold series. Q&P Kowa GOLD a PREMIUM has 5 kinds of nourishing tonics and 5 kinds of vitamins which work well to combat fatigue.

Goodsania Japan Q&P KOWA GOLD Alpha 160 Tablets Ginseng Fight Fatigue Body Weakness Tired Herbal Medicine Remedy

The 5 herbal tonics works together to combat stress, rejuvenate the body, anti-oxidant and nourishing effects, promotes blood flow and absorption of vitamins by the body. Other nutrients added are necessary to support a tired body, promote the storage and synthesis of energy, plus work on the body’s central nervous system.

Q&P Kowa GOLD a PREMIUM ’s is effective on those with weak constitution, experiencing physical fatigue, loss of appetite, loss of strength after an illness, nutritional disorders, and nutritional supplementation during pregnancy and lactation.

Simply 1 tablet once or twice daily will revitalize the body and relieve your body from the fatigue and stress it is experiencing.

Q&P Kowa GOLD a PREMIUM is suitable for both males and females from the age of 15 years old. Other series in Kowa range is also available for tackling knee pain, back pain and also eye strain.

 Goodsania Japan KOWA GOLD ALPHA PREMIUM Combat Fatigue Weakness Tiredness Nutrition Health Supplements Herbal Remedy

2. Another product which is popular especially amongst women for improvement of skin metabolism and general health is HYTHIOL B

Goodsania Japan Hythiol B Clear Tablets, Vitamin B C Amino Acids Japan Beauty Skincare Supplement

HYTHIOL B Clear contains the amino acid "L-cysteine" that helps skin metabolism, vitamin B group and vitamin C. These vitamins also revitalise your body and fight fatigue.

HYTHIOL B is a supplement that works on skin cells from the inside of the body, improves the overall condition of the skin, and is effective for dry unhealthy skin.

3. ALINAMIN EX Plus is one other top selling product from Japan that is a health supplement to improve blood circulation and combat fatigue.

Goodsania Japan ALINAMIN EX Plus 180 Tablets Vitamin B1 Japan Health Supplement Improve Blood Circulation

ALINAMIN EX Plus is formulated with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company’s vitamin B1 derivatives, "Fursultiamine", vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 which are effective against and provides relief of the following painful symptoms from fatigue like muscle pain, joint pain (back pain, stiff neck, frozen shoulder), numbness in the limbs, constipation and eye strain.

Goodsania Japan ALINAMIN EX Plus 180 Tablets Vitamin B1 Japan Health Supplement Improve Blood Circulation Fight Fatigue Tiredness Weakness

ALINAMIN EX Plus supplies vitamin B1 in the following cases of physical fatigue, pregnancy, breastfeeding, decrease in physical strength due to convalescence from illness to help your body recover from fatigue.

ALINAMIN EX Plus also contains calcium pantothenate, which acts as a coenzyme (Coenzyme A) and plays an important role in the production of energy, and vitamin E, which improves blood circulation throughout the body. It comes in yellow sugar-coated tablets that are easy to consume.

 Goodsania Japan ALINAMIN EX Plus 180 Tablets Vitamin B1 Japan Health Supplement Improve Blood Circulation Fatigue Weakness Nutrition Balance Enery Boost

Don’t let your body fall into the negative spiral of accumulated fatigue and deterioration over time from weakness and tiredness. Help your body to combat fatigue with these effective and recommended formulas for a healthier and more revitalised daily life with more energy for your activities, friends and family.




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