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Top 3 Reasons to Buy Japanese Products Online

Japanese products have been renown around the world for decades as they are well thought through and designed with the user's convenience in mind while incorporating functionality and high quality. Many people buy Japanese products because of their good reputation, lasting quality, and great designs.

Let us look at the Top 3 Reasons to Buy Japanese Goods.

1. High Quality

The Japanese are known to be careful, meticulous, and take great pride in their creations. This is embodied in the Japanese word "Kodawari" which loosely translates as a "commitment" to their work, a deep respect producing works or products which they can be proud to showcase to customers and a great sense of self achievement. 

For example, Kumano handmade makeup brushes are carefully and exquisitely handcrafted by artisans with generations of traditional brush making experience using techniques and specific know-how passed down from elders using natural wood and animal hairs to achieve the soft, delicate but yet lasting makeup brushes.

Goodsania Japan Natural Hair Japanese Makeup Cosmetic Brushes Sensitive Skin Beauty Tools Product

2. High Standards & Good Reputation

Japanese products are governed by a detailed list of standards and regulations which ensure that Japanese products that you buy in-store or online are produced in alignment to required quality, health & safety regulations, and other necessary checks. 

For example, there is the Household Goods Quality Labeling Law and Consumer Product Safety Act which ensures that the Japanese products available on the market are made with safe materials and produced with your health & safety in mind. 

Goodsania Japan OHE & Co Smart Home Japanese Kitchen Bathroom Cleaning Household Products

Companies like OHE & Co which was established in 1951, some 70 years ago, have a good reputation and high standards for their products to receive decades of strong following and support from consumers around the world.

Similarly, many other Japanese companies have been in production for decades and generations upholding their good reputation and high standards.

3. Great Design

The Japanese put great effort and thought into the details of their product creation and design even for the simplest of things to make your life more comfortable and convenient.

For example, filing our nails are just a simple act and many personal grooming tools around the world have nail files available for you. So what makes Japanese design different?

Goodsania Japan GREENBELL Nail File Ergonomic Design Type Rose Personal Grooming Tools Buy Japanese Products Online

The Greenbell Nail File is an excellent example.

  1. The nail file is ergonomically shaped in a crescent moon design not only to make it aesthetically beautiful to the eyes but also serves a purpose to curve and mould the nails evenly while filing effortlessly in a rocking motion.
  2. The grooves in the Greenbell Nail File makes it easy to grasp the tool with your hand to use quickly and efficiently.
  3. Lastly, there is more than meets the eye, the Greenbell Nail File is designed with a stainless steel that is specially processed to mimic shark skin which gives a fine rough surface for you to file your nail on for a smooth finish. 

This level of detail in Greenbell Japanese products are not limited to this company as you can see from their level of commitment to individually hand inspect each product but extends to many Japanese companies and products. 

Goodsania Japan Greenbell Buy Japanese Products Online Personal Grooming Beauty Tools Nail Clipper File Scissors

Buying Japanese Products online has never been easier. With constant development and globalization of networks, you can now buy Japanese products online directly from Japan and enjoy the high quality, good standard & reputation, plus great design of Japanese products anywhere in the world.

Experience Japan right in the comfort of your home. Join us now and enter the world of comfort, convenience, and cost effective lifestyle.



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