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Top Best Effective Joint Pain Relief Direct from Japan - Vantelin Kowa

Vantelin Kowa is a very popular and effective series of pain relief gels, creams, lotion, and patches for quick joint, muscle pains, sprains, and backaches. 

Many professional sports people, active recreational groups, and also housewives in Japan and beyond trust Vantelin Kowa for effective pain relief.

Vantelin Kowa contains active ingredients that quickly penetrate deeply into the muscles and joints to heal inflammations, and directly relieve muscle and joint pains. 

Menthol Vantelin Kowa formulas provide fast cooling and refreshing relief for bruise, sprain and muscle pain. Whereas it is recommended to keep aching and painful joints warm.

There are 3 different forms of Vantelin Kowa to suit your every purpose and area for comfortable joint pain relief. 

Firstly, the most popular is Vantelin Kowa Gel is a non-sticky formula which easily penetrates the skin for effective soothing pain relief. The formula also does not have strong odour and feels comfortable. You can easily apply it onto most parts of your body with no difficulty.

Next, Vatelin Kowa Liquid Lotion type gives fast and effective pain relief to more intimate and delicate areas even on the shoulders, waists, and hairy point which are difficult to apply with cream or gel. The applicator comes with a sponge tip for soft application and the formula is liquid and easily applied even onto a wide area. The liquid formula also dries quickly with little stickiness. 

Lastly, Vantelin Kowa Plaster series is easy to stick onto the skin and apply onto affected pain areas. It gives long lasting pain relief and active ingredients penetrate the skin quickly. It also peels off with little discomfort and is easy to use without any mess. 

Vantelin Kowa is without doubt the most popular and best joint & muscle pain relief series in Japan.

It is now available to you directly from Japan on Goodsania Japan. Free Shipping Worldwide for purchase orders above JPY9000*.



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