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Top Japan Drugstore Probiotics BIOFERMIN Live Lactic Bacteria for Healthy Intestinal Flora & Immunity

Are you or your family members suffering from the problems in your gut and enduring discomfort? Are you or your family having bloated stomachs, indigestion, constipation or even loose stools?

Goodsania Japan Drugstore New Biofermin S Tablets 350 Tablets, Japan Health Supplement Probiotics for Constipation & Weak Stomach

Are these feelings causing disturbance in your daily life and giving you trouble or embarrassment? Don't know how to solve this problem or what probiotics to get from the drugstore?

Goodsania Japan Drugstore Pharmacy BIOFERMIN Stop Diarrhea 30 Tablets, Japan Bifidobacteria Intestinal Herbal Medicine

A healthy gut is the root to a healthy immune system and good daily health. Intestinal flora is deeply connected to our health. A healthy gut flora is also linked to weight gain or loss. 

A wide variety of bacteria inhibit our intestines and the balance of these trillions of bacteria will improve the intestinal environment.

Healthy intestinal flora is important because it plays 3 main roles in our health.

  1. Transforms indigestible foods into healthy nutritional substances
  2. Activates immune cells in the intestines and protects the body from pathogens by improving the barrier function of the intestines
  3. Maintain the balance of the intestinal flora and maintains good health
Goodsania Japan Drugstore Pharmacy Online Shop Biofermin Bloated Stomach Regulating Chewables 30 Tablets
However, our intestinal flora is easily out of balance due to numerous factors such as our daily lives, stress, aging, taking medicine or drugs such as antibiotics, food intake or eating habits.
When the intestinal flora is out of balance, it means that the number of bad bacteria in the intestine is higher than the good bacteria. Various adverse effects are the result of this imbalance, such as constipation, bloating,  diarrhea, rough skin and even allergies.
Hence, consuming good bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria is essential for maintaining a good bacteria balance for healthy intestinal flora, it is also very important for a youthful and healthy life.
In addition, 70% of your body's immune function is concentrated in your intestines! Hence, a healthy intestinal flora supports intestinal immunity and protects your body. This helps your body to be resistant to infections. 
In order to lead a healthy life, it is important to balance the intestinal flora and improve the intestinal barrier function so as to improve the function of intestinal immunity. By focusing on intestinal activity, together with well-balanced food, and moderate exercise, we can aim for an intestinal flora full of good bacteria.
Goodsania Japan Drugstore Pharmacy Biofermin Japan Probiotics Natural Lactic Acid Bacteria Health Supplements
So how can we supplement our body with healthy gut bacteria and why should we take these probiotics supplements?
Biofermin is a Japan probiotics which is available easily in Japanese drugstores and pharmacy throughout Japan because it is a probiotic brand with over 100 years history.  Biofermin was researched and developed in Japan since 1917 and is the leading probiotics in Japan for over 100 years and counting!
So what is  Biofermin and Japan probiotics? Why is  Biofermin the leading Japan probiotics and favorite of Japanese families for young & elderly?

Human lactic acid bacteria for humans

Lactic acid bacteria that keep our stomach healthy.
Immediately after birth, the intestinal flora, which is full of lactic acid bacteria such as bifidobacteria, also has an increasing number of bad bacteria with age, and the balance changes.

Taking lactic acid bacteria is one of the means to regulate the intestinal flora. At that time, I want to be careful about the type of lactic acid bacteria.

There are various types of lactic acid bacteria, but New Biofermin S is compatible with the human intestine and contains human-derived lactic acid bacteria. It is a medicine that researches and formulates lactic acid bacteria that live in the intestines of healthy people.

Not only does it reach the intestines alive, but it also spreads widely from the small intestine to the large intestine and increases, exhibiting an excellent intestinal regulation effect.

Goodsania Japan Drugstore Pharmacy New Biofermin S Tablets 130 Tablets, Japan Probiotics Lactic Acid Bacteria Health Supplement
Goodsania Japan Drugstore Pharmacy New Biofermin S Tablets 540 Tablets, Japan Probiotics Immune System Boost Health Supplement
How do you know that your intestinal flora has improved?
    1. When irregular bowel movements are adjusted, and loose stools and constipation are improved.
    2. When bad bacteria in the intestines are reduced, gas generation is suppressed, and improves abdominal bloating or reduces embarrassing frequent farting.

Children will also suffer from stomach indigestion or discomfort and especially young infants or toddlers will experience imbalance in their gut as they are weaning off mother's milk or trying new foods.

Goodsania Japan Drugstore Pharmacy New Biofermin S Fine Granules, Kids Baby Child Probiotics Japan Health Supplement Indigestion Bloating Cure

Biofermin created granulated Japan probiotics suitable for young children or even infants from 3 months old to consume.

Goodsania Japan Drugstore New Biofermin S Fine Granules, Kids Baby Child Probiotics Japan Health Supplement Weaning

New Biofermin S Fine Granules Japan probiotics uses human-derived lactic acid bacteria, so it has good colonization and an excellent intestinal effect. It contains three kinds of lactic acid bacteria in a well-balanced manner and can adjust the intestines from the small intestine to the large intestine.

New Biofermin S Fine Granules Japan probiotics can be used by people of all ages, from babies above 3 months old to children aged 5 and above, to the adults and elderly. It comes in a fine granule form for easy consumption.

Goodsania New Biofermin S Fine Granules, Kids Baby Child Probiotics Japan Health Supplement

Protect your whole family's health by supplementing your diet with Biofermin Japan probiotics - the tried and tested Japan probiotics used by generations of Japanese.

Experience the freedom of good digestion, comfortable stomach, and good health simply with Biofermin Japan probiotics. 




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