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Top Tips for Vital Men's Health, Stamina & Sexual Wellness

Men's health and stamina is one of the topics that is not widely discussed in daily life in a serious and concerned manner. However, men's health and stamina is linked to many important aspects of relationships, families, and men's individual emotions and health. These issues are not often discussed because of the strong image that men usually have to portray on outside and men's health usually take a backseat.

Nevertheless, it is vital to highlight that men do not need to suffer quietly or feel embarrassed about discussing their health or bodily requirements for a fulfilled and health life.

So what are the most important aspects of men's health that all men should be concerned with and care about to protect their bodies and boost their health?

Here are some of the most common conditions which affect men in this modern age and how it may be prevented.

Heart Disease & Cancer

Many men may be suffering from heart problems due to cigarette smoking, obesity from overeating or lack of physical exercise, high cholesterol from inappropriate or unhealthy diet, and high blood pressure from work stress. Some men may also face these health problems due to increasing age or a family history of heart disease and diabetes. These poor lifestyle choices may also lead to cancer.

So how can men reduce these health problems and prevent heart disease or cancer?

Firstly, it is important to cut back on the amounts of saturated fats found in animal produce such as meat and high-fat dairy goods. In addition, it is best to reduce trans fat found in processed food, snacks, and reconstituted foods like margarine).

Next, it is better to increase intake of high fiber foods such as whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds while limiting the intake of alcohol and control drinking to not more than 2 drinks per day.

If you are a heavy drinker, it would also be important to protect your liver and body from alcohol damage. DHC's Concentrated Turmeric is a natural health supplement with the benefits of three types of turmeric: autumn turmeric, which contains rich curcumin, and spring and purple turmeric, which both contain rich essential oil-interact to bring a high level of effectiveness. Curcumin is excellent for alcohol decomposition, and essential oil sterilizes. With no distinctive smell or taste, the soft capsules are easy to take compared with granule-type turmeric supplement. 

Goodsania Japan DHC Concentrated Turmeric, 120 Tablets, Heavy Alcohol Drinkers Japan Natural Health Supplement Liver Protection

Omega 3 fatty acids are also associated with keeping blood vessels healthy and keep blood pressure down, so it is also a great idea to increase the intake of Omega 3 fatty acids. A good product would be DHC's Omega 3 Fish Oil  as it contains DHA & EPA which help to lower your blood triglyceride levels.

Goodsania Japan DHC DHA & EPA, 240 Tablets, Omega 3 Fish Oil Lower Blood Triglyceride Fats Japan Natural Health Supplement

For men who are smokers, it would also be advisable to quit smoking to improve health. However, it might be difficult for smokers to quit smoking easily. An easier alternative would be to use NICORETTE chews.

Goodsania Japan NICORETTE Cool Mint Chew Quit Smoking Smokers Cigarette Give UpGoodsania Japan NICORETTE Cool Mint Chew Quit Smoking Smokers Cigarette Give UpNICORETTE Cool Mint is a medicine for persons who want to quit smoking and relieves symptoms such as frustration and difficulty in concentrate when quitting smoking. (It does not have an effect of making you hate smoking.)
In the 3 months' period of use, this medicine leads you to quit smoking without stress, by gradually reducing the amount of smoking.

For men who are suffering from obesity, it would also be best to cut back on food intake, increase physical exercise daily, and reduce fat. Some times you might be doing all these activities, however, your body fat remains high. This could be due to lower body metabolism. In this case, it would be recommended to take health supplements such as NAISITOL to aid your body's fat burning capabilities.

Goodsania Japan Naisitol Za Pouch 420 Tablets, for Obesity Slimming Diet Acne Constipation RemedyNAISITOL is suitable for people who have too much fat on their body, so-called fatness, especially those who tend to accumulate fat in their stomachs and those who tend to have constipation.
5000mg of active ingredient (Bofutsushosan extract) promotes decomposition and burning of abdominal fat.
NAISITOL is effective for improving obesity due to lifestyle, hypertension and swelling and constipation associated with obesity.


Many men might think that they would never be affected by osteoporosis or weak brittle bones as this is often a disease linked to women. However, this is untrue as many men may be suffering from osteoporosis as they age.

Osteoporosis is also linked to heavy drinking and smoking, poor diet such as drinking too much carbonated drinks or soda, and low calcium intake.

In addition to improving lifestyle choices such as reducing drinking, better diet, and quitting smoking, it is also important to increase calclum intake. Although it is easy to increase calcium intake from foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, and even ice cream, it could be difficult for men who are watching their diet and do not want to increase calorie intake or some men might as busy lives and it is difficult to squeeze time in to consider what foods to take. Hence, it would be easier to depend on a trustworthy calcium supplement such as Super Calcium by Nature Made.

Goodsania Japan Nature Made Super Calcium with Vitamin DTogether with vitamin D, Super Calcium by Nature Made supplement condenses into a single tablet the recommended intake of calcium, which is quite difficult to get in the average person's diet. In Japan, most people do not get enough of this mineral. One tablet contains 600mg of calcium which is sufficient for an adult's daily supplementation together with a healthy diet.

Stamina & Sexual Wellness

For men it is part of their identity to have strong stamina and good sexual appetite. Not only is this important for their own confidence and health but it is also vital in many healthy romantic relationships.

Many aspects mentioned above such as a healthy balanced diet, physical exercise, quit smoking and reduced alcohol drinking will help in boosting men's health and stamina.

In addition, Maca is a natural ingredient which is known to have good results in boosting men's health and vitality. DHC's Maca Strong  is a health supplement recommended for men that contains a high blend of "Maca's vitality source" and maca known as a stamina ingredient. Seven support ingredients such as citrulline and arginine are added. DHC's Maca Strong will support the fulfilling daily lives of mature men who don't feel energetic but want to be young, and strong forever.

Goodsania Japan DHC Maca Strong, 60 Tablets, Energy Vitality Stamina Boost Japan Natural Health Supplement

Amino acids are also essential for men as they improve blood flow, builds proteins and can help to increase strength and stamina. Hence, amino acids may also help men to maintain an erection.

Goodsania Japan Kobayashi Multi Vitamin / Mineral / Essential Amino Acid (Quantity For About 30 Days) 120 Tablets, Stamina Health Dietary SupplementKobayashi's amino acids contains 13 types of vitamins, 9 types of minerals and 8 types of essential amino acids that are the basis of daily good health.
Contains essential amino acids that cannot be made in the body in a base supplement
This amino acids supplement contains ingredients that are compatible with vitamins and minerals, including "methyl hesperidin" and "black pepper extract" for improved health and stamina.

Masturbation can also help men to build up endurance and in turn help men last longer during sex as masturbation helps men to release built-up sexual tension. While self-pleasuring with your own hands might be the most common and easy way, there are also many fun toys and tools available to stimulate men and spice things up. Many products by TENGA are designed for men to enjoy themselves at any time and even on the go!

Goodsania Japan Tenga Sexual Wellness Men's Health Masturbation Self Pleasure Sex Adult Toys

Goodsania Japan Sex Toys Tenga Sexual Wellness Masturbation Self Pleasure Pocket

Goodsania Japan Sex Toys POCKET TENGA WAVE LINE POT-001 Portable Adult Men Sexual Wellness Masturbation Self PleasureFind your sexual favorites and stimulus with TENGA adult sex toys and sexual wellness products. Enjoy love and freedom with these self pleasuring tools.

Naturally, it is also important to take care of your body and prevent other diseases such as sexually transmitted ones. Hence, it is essential to stay safe during sexual activity and Japanese condoms provide not only superior safety but also comfort and best natural feel due to the ultra thinness of Japanese condoms.

Goodsania Japan Condoms Sagami Original 0.01mm 5 pcs Thinnest Condom In the World Bare Back

Goodsania Japan Condoms Sagami Original 0.01mm 5 pcs Thinnest Condom In the World Bare Back

Sagami Original condom that is not rubber. Condom made of highly biocompatible polyurethane material instead of conventional rubber.
Sagami Original condom achieves a thickness of 0.01mm. It fits well close to the skin, is durable, comfortable and safe.
No odor specific to rubber.
Excellent thermal conductivity, instantly conveys the warmth of the skin for a bareback natural sensation with smooth surface that provides a natural feel.
Especially recommended for those who are allergic to natural rubber. 

We hope that men can spend more time taking care of all aspects of their health with these suggestions and recommendations, so that they can have more fulfilled healthy lives and happy relationships every day.