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Understanding Your Headaches & How to Relief Headache Pain the Effective Japanese Way

Pain - sometimes you are stuck with a throbbing pain in your muscles, headache or stomach cramps that make you feel immobilised. You just cannot function when you're hurting.

There are various symptoms related to pain such as :

  • severe pain that feels throbbing or rippling like waves
  • your head hurts when you move your body
  • a constricting kind of pain
  • headache when you lie down
  • pain accompanied by nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness
  • stiffness in the shoulders or neck
  • flashing lights followed by a headache

All these would make you feel uncomfortable, unable to continue your daily activities, and a damper on your lifestyle.

Headaches are one of the most common types of pain experienced around the world in persons of all ages. It is important to get fast, quick, healthy, and effective ways to relief headaches for a happier life.

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There are some symptoms of headaches :

1. Tension-type headache

This type of headache is the most common type of headache especially for people above the age of 15. Tension-type headache is a headache that occurs due to tension in the muscles around the head, back of the neck, shoulders and back. Pain occurs mainly at the back of the head but also on both sides of the head and down the nape of the neck. Some people describe it as having a weight placed on their heads. In addition, some people also feel dizzy. Women are 1.5 times more prone to tension-type headaches as stress plays a large role in these headaches.

2. Migarine

Migraine on the other hand should not be confused with tension-type headache. Characteristics of migraines include:

  • throbbing pain ,
  • short duration from 4-72 hours,
  • persons often feel sleepy when such headache occurs and interferes with daily activities,
  • feeling of nausea or dizziness
  • persons cannot stand light or bright places, sounds, and often retreat to dark quiet places

Migraine triggers vary from person to person. Some people suffer from migraines when stress is released, so surprisingly some people suffer from migraines on the weekends when they are relaxing. Some people suffer from migraines during the change of seasons or climate changes.

3. Chronic Headache

This may be a combination of both tension-type headaches and migraines. Proper diagnosis is required as it might not be helpful to treat either or symptoms which are occurring.

4. Cluster Headaches

This is special type of headache mainly experienced by men in their late 20s to 40s and rarely occurs in women. It is characterized by a severe pain behind one of the eyes like being stabbed in the eye. Such pain occurs at fixed times, last 1-2 hours, and typically occurs daily from midnight to early morning. It is called a cluster headache because it occurs every night in a cluster period for about 1-2 months before subsiding after a certain point but may re-occur in 1-2 years. The cause of cluster headache is not well understood but it is thought that the body clock could be involved.

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Simple How-to Methods to Counter Headaches

1. For Tension-type Headaches

Some massages by pressing the pressure points of the neck and shoulders will improve blood circulation and relief muscle tension which will relieve pain. Moderate exercise like stretching, walking, or more aerobic exercises also helps to relief tension-type headaches. People who suffer from tension-type headaches also report that simply stepping away from their desks and doing some stretching or walking inbetween work helps relief headaches.

2. For Migraines

Try to avoid your migraine triggers as much as possible. Observe your own body and daily activities and avoid triggers such as smells, light, sound that may be triggering your migraines as much as possible.

Get at least 6 hours of sleep so you have sufficient rest but beware that oversleeping more than 8 hours may also be a cause of migraines. Pay attention to your eating habits and ensure that you have 3 proper nutritious meals to prevent the dropping of blood sugar levels which may trigger migraines.

Take magnesium and vitamin B2 which have good expected prevention for migraines. Some research report that many people who suffer from migraines have malfunctioning mitochondria within their cells and vitamin B2 can aid that function. In addition to magnesium and vitamin B2 supplements, there are natural foods such as miso, black beans, tuna and seaweed which are high in magnesium, and soybeans, leafy green vegetables, eggs and dairy products which are high in vitamin B2. It is good to include such foods in your daily diet.

When you are suffering from a migraine, it is best to rest in a quiet dark place and use a cold towel to cool the blood vessels in your forehead, temples or neck area. Avoid taking a bath and warming up your body as heat improved blood flow and widen the blood vessels which actually increase pain. Also avoid exercising during a migraine attack as it also increases blood flow and pain.

Women Suffer More from Headaches!

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Prevalence of headaches - both tension-type & migraines - are more common amongst women. Approximately 1.5 times more women than men suffer from tension-type headaches (in Japan) and 3 times more women than men suffer from migraines (worldwide)!

Women may be experiencing more stress in the home and at work as mental stress is the major cause of tension-type headaches.

Female hormones may also be the cause that women experience more headaches than men. Many women reported experiencing migraines around the time they have their period or when their period ends. Female hormones may make women more sensitive to pain and prone to headaches.

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Taking LOXONIN is also a fast, gentle and effective way to relief pain from headaches. LOXONIN "Loxoprofen sodium hydrate" is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) developed by Sankyo Co., Ltd. (currently Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.) , and was approved and released as the medical drug "Loxonin" in 1986.

LOXONIN has been one of the top go-to over the counter (OTC) drugs in Japan for many people as it is effective, trusted and reputable. LOXONIN is formulated to protect your stomach while working quickly to give you the pain relief you need and be able to function well in your daily activities.

LOXONIN has been developed into various series such as Loxonin Premium, Loxonin S-Quick, Loxonin-S (a simple prescription for pain relief), Loxonin-S Plus (gently formulated for women suffering from menstrual pain and headaches)

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"that's strange? If you think so, go to a specialist.
If your symptoms do not improve even after taking OTC medicines, or if you think you have a serious illness, stop taking them immediately and consult a doctor immediately. If the condition worsens, you may have another disease or complication, so consult your doctor or pharmacist for instructions. Also, if you are pregnant, consult your doctor before taking this medicine."

Blog post written with reference from LOXONIN Japan.