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Where to buy Japan collagen beauty products, face masks, fine collagen supplements ?

Why do we need Collagen?

"Collagen is a protein responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity, or stretchiness. It's in your bones, muscles, and blood, comprising three quarters of your skin and a third of the protein in your body. As you age, your existing collagen breaks down, and it gets harder for your body to produce more."

As Collagen is an essential nutrient in your body, it is necessary to replenish it. Whether it is from consuming tablets or drinks, applying it onto your skin by creams, lotions or beauty masks, it would be beneficial to start added Collagen to your daily regiment to maintain beautiful youthful skin and also a healthy body.

So where can you get good quality reputable and effective Collagen?

Get your quality Japanese Collagen products right here on Goodsania Japan. Your one-stop shop for a variety of Japan Collagen goods. We have hundreds of Japanese Collagen products for your selection and we are sure you will find something suitable for your concerns and needs.

So what type of Japanese Collagen products are available? You will be spoilt for choice! The following are some examples to introduce you to some of the Japan Collagen goods we have.

1. Collagen Supplements in pills or tablets

One of the most popular Collagen Supplements is from DHC Japan.

"Collagen is a protein that, like all proteins, is based in amino acids. A third of the proteins in your body are made from collagen, and 70% of dermis, which is related to your skin’s suppleness, consists of collagen.
DHC’s Collagen is formulated with fish-derived collagen peptides and vitamin B1, to support your beauty by giving youthfulness and smoothness to your skin."

Goodsania DHC Collagen, 360 Tablets, Youthful Smooth Skin Japan Anti-Aging Beauty Health Supplement

DHC Collagen is great for people who have concerns about dry and sensitive skin and lack of suppleness. It comes in easy to swallow tablets which are convenient to consume.

DHC Collagen is the "No. 1 in Beauty Supplement Market Share—"H.B. Foods Marketing Handbook 2021 Vol. 2", Fuji Keizai (based on the total sales of the product category in 2019)".

2. Collagen Beauty Supplement Drinks

Dr. Obagi's SHR (Skin Health Restoration) - "The skin has the natural power to make itself beautiful. By unleashing this power, anyone can gain a healthy and beautiful skin." True beauty is rooted in health — this was Rohto Pharmaceutical's belief for skin research.

Goodsania Japan ROHTO Obagi Japan Line Skin Health Restoration Derma Power X Inner Lift Drink (Cosmetology Beauty Beverage) 20ml x 10 Collagen Elastin Hyaluronan ResveratrolThis is Obagi's beauty drink that supports the firmness and moisture of the skin. Essential ingredients like collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol and vitamin C are condensed into one product. To bring out the beauty of moisture from the inside of you. Unleashing the force of beauty from within your body naturally.

3. Collagen Creams

There are a wide variety of Japanese Collagen Creams from various reputable companies with different formulas boosting beautiful skin of all skin types and concerns.

One of the most popular ranges is GRACE ONE which is formulated by famous and reputable Japanese beauty cosmetics brand KOSE.

Goodsania Japan KOSE Grace One Medicinal Whitening Perfect Cream 100g Japan Anti-aging Collagen Vitamin C Skin CareThere are various ranges available for different ages of skin care. GRACE ONE  is a series formulated especially for the specific needs of mature skin from the age of 50. GRACE ONE  series products are effective and yet value for money. So it is perfect for everyone's anti-aging regime.

GRACE ONE's Collagen whitening cream above is designed for beautiful skin that has 3 part benefits of cream, serum, and facial mask to care for age spots and dry fine wrinkles from the age of 50. GRACE ONE's Collagen is an all-in-one cream with collagen, active ingredients and also Vitamin C that is simple to use by using only one product but it tackles multiple issues and concerns in your skin effectively.

You can click on this link to discover the wide variety of Collagen Creams available.

4. Collagen Beauty Face Masks

It is enjoyable to just lay down and relax with a lovely moisturizing beauty face mask to end the day. Just like having your own spa right at home! Collagen Beauty Face Masks are a great addition to your home spa regiment.

One of the most popular and effective yet value for money Collagen Beauty Face Masks is the Alovivi Placenta & Collagen Beauty Essence Face Mask.

Goodsania ALOVIVI Placenta & 3 Types of Collagen Beauty Essence Face Mask 45 Sheets Japan Moisturizing Skincare

The Alovivi Placenta & Collagen Beauty Essence Face Mask contains collagen that penetrates into the deepest part of the stratum corneum skin layer so that you can have firm, bouncy, and hydrated skin. This is a sheet beauty face mask with plenty of essence in each sheet to completely moisturize and soothe your skin. It fills the stratum corneum with moisture and prepares the skin with bouncy freshness and firmness.

The Alovivi Placenta & Collagen Beauty Essence Face Mask also contains 4 firming and glossy skin care active ingredients which are EGF, arbutin, soy isoflavone, and hyaluronic acid for a completely nourishing and luxurious skin routine. It also comes in a value large pack of 45 sheets, so you can enjoy moisturizing collagen skin care in the comfort of your home at an affordable price.

5. Collagen UV Protection Lotions

There will be times you are going under the sun or being exposed to UV rays. Even though we are inside, we might also be subjected to UV rays and even blue rays from the mobile phones, computer or TV screens we face daily. Hence, it is essential to protect the skin from these UV rays to keep skin youthful and supple.

One of the popular cost effective and functional day/night UV protection lotions is Pure Natural Essence Lotion UV.

Goodsania Japan pdc Pure Natural Essence Lotion UV 210ml Japan Moist Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Skin Care

Pure Natural Essence Lotion UV is moist and keeps the prescription of lotion + milky lotion which is an all-in-one beauty lotion.
Pure Natural Essence Lotion UV keeps the skin hydrated with plenty of moisture given because the water (toner) and oil (milky lotion) required for the skin are combined into one product.

Pure Natural Essence Lotion UV gives moisture and makes the skin a beautiful natural transparent and fair look.
Pure Natural Essence Lotion UV moisturizes the stratum corneum and keeps the skin firm and youthful with elasticity and transparency as it is added with collagen and hyaluronic acid in the formula.

As Pure Natural Essence Lotion UV  is formulated with UV protection (SPF4), it helps to prevents spots and freckles caused by sunburn from sun exposure and also protects your skin while you are indoors. It is lightweight and suitable for both day & night use. Just one product will solve many issues for you!

We hope you can continue to maintain beautiful youthful skin and body everyday with these effective Japanese Collagen products and more!


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