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The Secret to Intensively Moisturized Skin Revealed: Amino Acids

Why are Amino Acids the Key to Moisturized Skin?

Amino acids are essential because while some 70% of the human body consists of water, about 20% consists of amino acids. Hence, amino acids have an important role to play as an essential source of moisture for the body.

What Roles Do Amino Acids Play in Moisturizing Skin?

Nearly half of the body's natural moisturizing factors are produced from amino acids. Keratin fibers that support these natural moisturizing factors are also made up of amino acids. Collagen molecules are made up of many tiny pico-sized amino acid molecules and approximately 3000 amino acid molecules make up one collagen molecule.

Why Do We Need to Moisturize Skin?

Although the skin is able to produce moisuturizing ingredients and store moisture in the stratum corneum which is the skin's natural barrier on its own, due to external irritants like weather, UV, pollution, cigarette smoke, poor air quality, stress etc, the skin would not naturally be able to hold on to moisture well. And if the skin lacks moisture, it will result in dry, rough and dull skin. Too much dryness will also cause fine lines and wrinkles. 

If the skin's natural barrier function works properly to maintain moisture, the skin's texture will improve and a more beautiful skin tone, soft and radiant skin can be achieved. Providing moisture to the skin is essential to return skin to its normal state.

Namely 3 elements are essential for an ideal skin barrier function.

  1. Natural Moisturizing Factors
  2. Intercellular lipid
  3. Lipid film

In order to keep skin hydrated and maintain the skin's ideal barrier function, it is necessary to moisturize the skin by replenishing these 3 elements. Amino acid is one of the main sources of moisturized skin because more than 50% of Natural Moisuturizing Factors are made up of amino acids. These are natural hydrating ingredients in the skin and works to retain moisture. 

How Can You Effectively Replenish Amino Acids?

Goodsania Japan Amino Acids Moist Hydration Anti-aging Sensitive Beauty Skin Care

The first and easy way is to use high quality skin creams and lotions which contain amino acids.

One of the recommended brands is MINON which stands for "3-Non" in Japanese - 1. Non-toxic 2. Non-allergic 3. Non-alkaline. which is suitable for delicate and sensitive skin.

Goodsania Japan MINON Amino Acids Moisturizier Anti-aging Sensitive Beauty Skin Care

MINON fixes the skin's natural barrier function as it is formulated with 9 types of amino acids to support skin’s barrier function and 2 types of clarifying amino acids to achieve smooth and lustrous skin. The formula is also low in irritants which is suitable for sensitive skin. 

MINON has a triple approach to support the skin's natural barrier function: hydrating, retaining moisture, and protecting the skin. MINON's approach supports the skin naturally to achieve smooth textured, resilient, and lustrous skin that feels and looks great! Experience more beautiful and healthier skin with MINON .

MINON is available in 3 ranges: 1. for sensitive dry skin, 2. for unbalanced acne prone sensitive skin, 3. for mature aging sensitive skin.

Goodsania Japan MINON Sensitive Dry Moisturizer Anti-aging Mature Acne Prone Skin Care

Other ways of replenishing amino acids is by orally consuming them.

Popular products include DHC Japan's Placenta Skin Care Supplements which contain main youthful, useful, and growth factors with amino acids for beautiful skin.

These beauty skin care supplements help your body to replenish amino acids and also contain other beauty minerals and vitamins to keep your skin beautiful and youthful. Japanese supplements also come in easy to swallow pill designs which make orally consuming supplements very convenient.

Goodsania Japan DHC Placenta, 60 Tablets, Youthful Beauty Essential Amino Acids Japanese Skincare Health Supplement

Another brands that is very popular and recommended for oral amino acids consumption is Hythiol-B.

Goodsania Japan Hythiol B Clear 72 Tablets, Vitamin B C Amino Acids Japan Beauty Moist Skincare Supplement

Hythiol-B Clear contains the amino acid "L-cysteine" that helps skin metabolism, with added vitamin B group and vitamin C. 

Hythiol-B is a supplement that works on skin cells from the inside of the body, improves the overall condition of the skin, and is effective for dry unhealthy skin. 

Hythiol-B is one of the most popular beauty skin care supplements in Japan and around the world. Hythiol-B also helps to clarify the skin and prevent acne breakouts.

So, for effective skin care and moisturized skin, do look out for products that include Amino acids in their ingredient list to give your skin the extra boost it needs to stay hydrated, radiant, and beautiful everyday!

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