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About Goodsania

Three Cube Co Ltd, which manages Goodsania, is a well-established Japanese enterprise that was founded in 1905. And the wholesale international trading of our company was established since 1961.

For over 100 years since foundation, our company has been and continues to be a well-trusted and reliable supplier for a wide range of household products in Japan to companies and families alike.

We specialize in quality household products, handle and stock over 40,000 types of items in our own logistics hub in Japan.

As pioneers of overseas international trading, with over 30 years experience working with and supplying to international companies and retailers, we also have a good understanding of foreigners’ household products needs.

In addition to household items, we also manage Goto-Tomorrow, an exquisite range of top quality Japan handmade leather dog accessories, which is an in-house brand our company has exclusively developed. Goto-Tomorrow’s fine pet products have also garnered good recognition in Europe and America.

Our Company At The Time Of Establishment, 1961
Our Company At The Time Of Establishment, 1961



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