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3 Convenient Easy Ways from Japan to Supplement Your Lifestyle with Nutrients

With our busy modern lifestyles, we often do not have enough time to eat wholesome fresh meals and miss out on essential vitamins, minerals and necessary nutrients for a healthy life. 

Hence, health supplements are great addition to our every lives to ensure that we get all the required nutrition for a life full of vitality and good health. However, some of us might find it a hassle to take health supplements because we think they are big capsules that are difficult to swallow or work in hectic jobs that is a hassle to consume pills with water. 

Don't worry, Japanese researchers and developers have created convenient and easy formulas for you to enjoy the process of taking health supplements any time and place!

1. Gummy Supplements

Trying to add health supplements into your life but find it difficult to swallow pills or capsules? Working in a hectic job that makes taking pills with water a chore? Often forget to take supplements because they are not tasty?

UHA Mikakuto Gummy Supplement Convenient Health Nutrition For Women
UHA Mikakuto Gummy Supplement Convenient Health Nutrition For Men

A great solution to these problems is Gummy Supplements. These are specially formulated Gummy Candies which are packed with delicious fruity flavor and various essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients for all in the family including kids!

The chewy gummies come in easy zip top closure bags which you can easily carry around in your bag to enjoy a nutrient boost any time of the day at any place! Some popular flavors include Zinc & Maca for Men's Health to boost vitality, Megumi Eye with Lutein Blueberry & Cassis for good eye health, Women's Iron & Folic Acid for red blood cell creation and healthy development of babies during pregnancy, and Vitamin C Lemon fresh boost for healthy immune system. 

Gummy Supplement Zinc & Maca for Men Health Vitality Libido EnergyUHA Mikakuto Gummy Supplement Eyesight Care Blueberry Cassis Lutein UHA Mikakuto Gummy Supplement Iron & Folic Acid for Women Health Pregnancy VitalityUHA Mikakuto Gummy Supplement Vitamin C Immune System Health Boost

2. Granules

Granules are another easy way to consume health supplements. Japanese companies have developed easy to swallow fine granules that can be taken on its own without water or mixed with water to drink easily like a beverage.

HICEE 1000 48 Packs Japan Top Vitamin C Drink Relief Blemish Spots Freckles Beauty Health Supplement

Popular products include HICEE Vitamin C fine granules which are easy to consume and contains a high Vitamin C boost to protect the immune system and also relief beauty problems like spots, blemishes and freckles. 

ITOH Vitamin C 60 Packs Fine Granule Easy to Swallow Convenient Immune System Boost

Similarly, ITOH Vitamin C boost is also a convenient fast way to consume nutrients. Just one small pouch per day without water and it boosts Vitamin C for essential immune system health. The small tube-shaped pouch is also easy to pop into your bag or pocket to carry along.

3. Specially Designed Pill Shapes & Sizes

The Japanese have refined the pills to make supplements packed full of effective ingredients and yet come in easy to swallow and convenient shapes and sizes.

Japan FANCL Smartphone Enkin Eye Care Japanese Supplement (Blueberry Extract) Focus Adjustment 180 Tablets

Japan FANCL Smartphone Enkin Eye Care Japanese Supplement (Blueberry Extract) Focus Adjustment 180 Tablets

An example is by FANCL Japan Enkin Eye Health Blueberry Extract Supplements which come in a small oval-shaped pill with smooth glossy surface that makes it easy to swallow without difficulty. 

Whereas other tablets like FANCL Calorie Limit come in tiny round shapes which are small and convenient for swallowing too.

FANCL Calorie Limit 120 tablets, Cholesterol Control Weight-loss Diet Japanese SupplementFANCL Calorie Limit 120 tablets, Cholesterol Control Weight-loss Diet Japanese Supplement
Japan has always put the users experience and convenience at the top of the mind when developing products which is what makes Japanese products both functional and easy to use.
With these Japanese innovations in the health supplement range, you no longer have to worry about facing difficulty when boosting your health for a life full of vitality!