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Suhada Shizuku Bare Skin Dew Drop Placenta Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Face Beauty Lotion (for refill) 180ml

Suhada Shizuku Bare Skin Dew Drop Placenta Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Face Beauty Lotion (for refill) 180ml


Item Name
Asahi Group Foods
Brand Name
Product Size
Makeup beauty skin skin care beautiful skin, Japanese cosmetics cosmetic JAPAN
Product Details
Great value refill
Overflowing moisture, beauty essence effect with this one product.
Bouncy and firming beauty essence ingredient
Toner + beauty essence
Condensed moisture and beauty essence ingredient "Purutto" Sealed in "drops"!
Beauty ingredient (moisturizing ingredient) that works on moisture, elasticity, and firmness
Placenta 3 types of hyaluronic acid collagen, ceramide, CoQ10, proteoglycan / Izumo's purified water are used
The secret of "Puruttozuku Bouncy Firmness", "Purutto Shizuku Dew Drop" with plenty of beauty essence ingredients in "Dense Penetration Veil".
Made in JAPAN
Usage / Dose
After washing your face, take an appropriate amount (about 500 yen coin-size) on your palm and apply it to your skin.
When stretched on the skin, the moisturizing ingredients overflow and may appear slightly white. If you let it blend in as it is, it will immediately penetrate into the stratum corneum.
Keep away from extremely hot or cold places, please do not put under direct sunlight.
Please keep out of reach of infants. Please monitor abnormality with close attention, so it does not occur on your skin.
In the case when these cosmetics are not suitable to your skin that causes abnormalities similar to the following, please discontinue use. And if you continue to use cosmetics despite unsuitability, it may worsen the symptoms, so we recommend that you to consult a dermatologist.
(1) in use, redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color missing (such as white spots), or when abnormalities appear, such as darkening.
(2) when an abnormality to your skin occurs when you use such as abnormalities under the direct sunlight appeared.

Please do not use on the skin with Injury and swelling, eczema, etc., or where there is abnormal skin.
Be careful not to let the product enter the eyes, when the product does enter the eyes, please immediately rinse thoroughly.
For vitamin C formulation, it may slightly yellowish which may become darker, but the quality is not a problem.
Water, glycerin, BG, diglycerin, placenta extract, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed alkyl hyaluronate (C12-13) glyceryl, hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed collagen, water-soluble collagen, ceramide 2, ubiquinone, water-soluble Sex proteoglycan, pentylene glycol, (PEG-240 / decyltetradeceth-20 / HDI) copolymer, xylitol, methylparaben, ethylhexyl glycerin, sodium citrate, PEG-20, polysorbate 20, citric acid, PPG-4 setes-20 , Phenoxyer

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