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AFTACH A 10 Tablets
AFTACH A 10 Tablets
AFTACH A 10 Tablets
AFTACH A 10 Tablets
AFTACH A 10 Tablets
AFTACH A 10 Tablets
AFTACH A 10 Tablets
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, AFTACH A 10 Tablets
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, AFTACH A 10 Tablets
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, AFTACH A 10 Tablets
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, AFTACH A 10 Tablets
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, AFTACH A 10 Tablets
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, AFTACH A 10 Tablets
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, AFTACH A 10 Tablets

AFTACH A 10 Tablets, Stomatitis Ulcer Oral Pain Relief Mouth Lips Inflammation Japanese Health Supplement


Item Name
Brand Name
Product Size
10 Tablets
Symptoms Keywords
Stomatitis aphthosa
Product Details
Stomatitis medication that you "stick on". Protects stomatitis well and slowly releases medicine components on the affected area.
This medication becomes jelly-like in a short while after application and dissolves naturally.
When not to use the product
(If you do not follow these instructions, the current symptoms may worsen or adverse reactions are more likely to occur.)
1.This product should not be used by the following persons:
(1)Individuals suspected of infectious stomatitis (Consult your doctor, dentist, pharmacist or registered salesperson.)
?Individuals with extensive white patches which can be peeled off by scrubbing with gauze in the mouth (suspected of candidiasis)
?Individuals with yellow pus in the affected lesion (suspected of bacterial infection)
?Individuals with multiple vesicles (around 3 mm ? 6 mm) in the mouth, blisters or rashes on the lip other than oral mucosa or skin (suspected of viral infection) .
?Individuals with systemic symptoms including fever, anorexia, general malaise, swollen lymph nodes (suspected of viral infection) .
(2)Individuals with infection in the mouth
(As there is a report that steroids are associated with worsening of infections, do not apply to the place where oral infection such as alveolar pyorrhea or gingivitis exists.)
(3)Individuals whose symptoms do not improve even after using for 5 days.
(4)Individuals whose symptoms worsen after using for one or two days only.

1.The following persons should contact a physician, dentist, pharmacist, or registered salesperson for a consultation before use.
(1)Patients undergoing medical treatment from a physician or dentist.
(2) Patients who have experienced allergic symptoms associated with drugs, etc. (3)Pregnant women or women suspected of being pregnant.
(4) Nursing women.
(5)Individuals with extensive affected area (The area cannot be covered by this product) . (6)The elderly
2.If the following symptoms are observed after using this drug, these may be adverse reactions, so immediately discontinue the use, and show this document to your physician, dentist, pharmacist, or registered sales person for a consultation.

In the mouth: white patches (suspected of candidiasis) , yellow pus in the affected area (suspected of bacterial infection)
Other:allergic symptoms (e.g. asthma attack, edema)
3.If the following symptoms are observed after taking this drug, infectious stomatitis or stomatitis caused by other diseases is suspected. So, immediately discontinue the use of this drug, consult your doctor, dentist, pharmacist, or registered salesperson.
Fever, loss of appetite, systemic symptoms, swollen lymph nodes, blisters (other than oral cavity), rash/redness, itching, extensive affected lesion (the area cannot be covered by this product), eye pain, blurred vision and vulvar ulceration.
Usage / Dose
Use per affected lesion by applying the product to the involved mucosal membrane the following times.

(Age: Doses Per Day)
Adults (15 years or over) / children(5 years or over) :
Use per affected lesion by applying the white surface of the product containing one dose once or twice daily to the involved mucosal membrane.
(1) Children must only take under the supervision of their parents or a guardian. (2) Strictly observe the dosage and administration instructions.
In 1tablets
Triamcinolone acetonide : 0.025mg: Relieves inflammation in the affected area and improves stomatitis.
Additive: Hydroxypropyl cellulose, carboxyvinyl polymer, magnesium stearate, lactose, carmellose calcium (CMC-Ca), talc, magnesium aluminometasilicate, yellow no. 5
Precautions for storage and handling
(1) Store tightly sealed in a cool place away from direct sunlight. To preserve the quality of the product, do not leave it in places with high temperatures such as in a car or near a heater. Also, do not leave the product in a hot place as the container may be deformed and the chemical may leak or the quality of the chemical may deteriorate. (2) Please keep out of children's reach. (3) Do not replace with other containers. (It may cause misuse and product quality may change.) (4) Do not share this product with other people. (5) Do not use products that have expired. Even if it is within the expiration date, please use it within approximately 3 months after opening. (6) Depending on the storage condition, the crystals of the ingredients may turn red around the opening of the eye drop container or inside the cap. In this case, please wipe with a clean gauze. (7) The red color of this drug is the color of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin). If the eye drop solution spills onto clothings, please wash immediately.