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Hachimijiogan A (60 tablets)

Hachimijiogan A (60 tablets)

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60 Tablets
Symptoms Keywords
The following medical conditions experienced by people whose physical strength is less than moderate when there is chronic fatigue, poor circulation in the arms and legs, or reduced or increased urine output that accompanies occasional dry mouth: Pain in the legs, back pain, numbness, blurred vision in elderly people, itchiness, difficulty with urination, a feeling of residual urine, frequent urination at night, frequent urination in general, swelling/puffiness, symptoms associated with high blood pressure (stiff shoulders, heaviness of the head, ear ringing), and mild urinary incontinence.
Product Details
For difficulty with urination and frequent urination
"Hachimijiogan" is a prescription found in a Chinese classic medical publication "Kinkiyoryaku."
It is effective for fatigue, blurred vision, pain in the legs, frequent urination, and difficulty with urination.
Things to be avoided
(The following is associated with worsening of current conditions and the risk of side effect increases.)
This product should not be used if any of the following applies:
(1) Prone to digestive problems
(2) Prone to develop diarrhea
Consultation recommendations:
1. Please consult with your doctor, pharmacist, or a registered distributor if any of the following applies to you:
(1) Currently receiving treatment from a doctor.
(2) Pregnant and possibly pregnant women
(3) Prone to have hot flash, have a red face, and are physically strong
(4) Have a history of developing rash, redness, or itchiness after taking medicine, etc.
2. If you experience any of the following symptoms which are possibly side effects, stop using this product immediately. Consult with your doctor, pharmacist, or a registered distributor and present this document.
Affected part of the body/ Symptoms
Skin/ Rash, redness, itchiness
Digestive system/ loss of appetite, stomach discomfort, abdominal pain
3. The following symptoms may occur after taking this product. If you experience any of the following in a persistent or intensifying manner, stop using this product. Consult with your doctor, pharmacist, or a registered distributor and present this document.
4. Stop taking this product if medical conditions do not improve after about a month. Consult with your doctor, pharmacist, or a registered distributor and present this document.
Usage / Dose
Take the following amount three times a day before or between meals with water or hot water.
Adult (15 years or older) - 4 tablet/dose
Less than 15 years old - Do not use.
1) If it is used on children, it should only be used under parental supervision. 2) The dosage and administration should be adhered to.
The adult daily dose of 12 tablets (305 mg/tablet) contains:
Rehmannia Root powder - 890 mg
Cornus Fruit powder - 445 mg
Dioscorea Rhizome powder - 445 mg
Alisma Rhizome powder - 334 mg
Poria Sclerotium powder - 334 mg
Moutan Bark powder - 334 mg
Cinnamon Bark powder - 111 mg
Aconitie Root powder - 111 mg
Excipients - hydroxypropylcellulose, honey, povidone, magnesium stearate, aluminium silicate and refined sugar
Precautions for storage and handling
1. Please keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

2. Keep out of children's reach.

3. Please do not put into other containers. (It may affect product quality or damage the product)

4. Do not use after expiry date.