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Pregnancy Test Kit P-Check 2 Times Use

Pregnancy Test Kit P-Check, 2 Times Use, Anytime Quick Check Japan Pharmacy

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Detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine (pregnancy test)
Product Details
Judgment is possible from 1 minute.
Easy operation. Method is just to apply urine.
Judgment results can be understood at a glance.
Long type, easy to use.
It is a large urine collection unit that easily applies urine for detection.
The examination can be performed about one week after the expected date of menstruation.
Urine can be tested in the morning, daytime, and nighttime.
What you must not do:
Do not make a definitive diagnosis of pregnancy yourself from the test results.
If the result is positive, you may be pregnant, but it is not possible to determine whether it is normal or not, so please consult a doctor as soon as possible.
A definitive diagnosis of pregnancy means that a doctor comprehensively diagnoses the establishment of pregnancy based on the results of interviews and ultrasound tests.

Persons receiving fertility treatment should consult a physician before use.
If the menstruation does not start even if the result is negative, please retest or consult your doctor.
Usage / Dose
How to test
The test can be performed about one week after the scheduled date of menstruation.
Urine can be inspected in the morning, day, and night.
1. Remove the test stick from the aluminium bag and remove the cap at the tip.
2. Place the cap on the other side of the test stick, and hold the cap grip.
* Do not open the aluminium bag until immediately before use.
2.A. Apply urine or B. Apply to urine
A. Apply urine directly with urine collection part facing down. Take more than 5 seconds for urine to cover the entire urine collection area.
* Please apply urine to the urine collection unit from the front.
Caution: Do not pour urine at the judgment window or side.

B. Or, take urine in a paper cup or the like, and apply it to urine for 10 seconds so that the entire urine collection area is covered.
* Please attach only the urine collection section.
Caution: Do not attach anything other than the urine collection section.

3.Stand still
Cover the cap with the urine collection section facing down, place it on a flat surface, and wait 1-3 minutes.

1. First, make sure that there is a red-purple line (end line) on the window.
2. Next, observe if there is a magenta line (judgment line) on the window.
3. Judge according to the following explanation.
* Avoid judging after 10 minutes.

If a red-purple line appears on the window, a pregnancy reaction was recognized.
You may be pregnant.
See your doctor as soon as possible.

If there is no red-purple line on the window
No pregnancy reaction was observed with this test.
However, if menstruation does not start after that, please re-examine after about one week or consult a doctor.
[Precautions for urine collection]
-When collecting urine in a cup and testing, use a clean and dry container.
-Do not use urine that has been left for a long period of time, stubborn urine, or urine mixed with foreign matter.

[Precautions regarding inspection procedure]
-Operate correctly according to the prescribed procedure.
-Be careful not to push hard when you put the cap on the other side of the test stick. If you insert too much, it may not come out.
-Do not point the urine collection unit upward after applying urine to the collection unit or after applying urine to the collection unit.
Judgment may not be possible because the end line does not appear.

[Notes on judgment]
-Please note the following when making a judgment.
-During the reaction, the entire judgment part turns reddish purple or a horizontal stripe pattern appears.
Do not judge at this time.
It will fade away as time goes on. The judgment line appears as a vertical line.
-Due to insufficient urine volume or urine application, it may not be possible to judge in 1 to 3 minutes. In that case, it can be judged if the end line comes out within about 10 minutes.
-The judgment line may be light or dark depending on the amount of hCG contained in urine.
Please judge by the presence or absence of the line in the window, not the shade of the color tone.
-Judgment cannot be made if there is no red-purple line (end line) in the window of the judgment part.
Since an operation error or the like may be considered, please repeat the inspection using a new test stick.
-In addition to pregnancy, the following cases may result in a positive result.
-For menopause
-For hCG-producing tumors (chorionic epithelioma, etc.)
-If you are receiving gonadotropin (a specific ovulation inducer containing hCG)
-Even if you do not have the scheduled menstruation, the results are negative in the following cases It might be.
-When the period of menstruation is irregular
-When the wrong number of days is calculated due to the user's mistake
-When urinary hCG is not sufficient in the early stages of pregnancy
- When hCG is secreted very much due to pregnancy
(In rare cases, a large amount of hCG is secreted when about 2 months or more have passed since the previous period)
- In case of abnormal pregnancy (uterus ?E External pregnancy)
- In case of fetal abnormalities (such as intrauterine death, miscarriage of miscarriage)
- A large amount of hCG is secreted due to hydatidiform mole etc.
- Incorrect operation
In one test stick
- Murine monoclonal anti-hCG antibody 1.0
- Murine monoclonal anti-hCG antibody-bound gold colloid? 6.0

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